The Kaizen Advantage - eBook

The Kaizen Advantage - eBook
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Product Summary

You can systematically achieve more by applying the Kaizen art of learning and growing gradually, steadily and continually.

To be happy, to make others around them happy, to live life to it's fullest ... These are the top three reasons we seek to continually improve in life. Without happiness, smiling faces around us and living life to the fullest, what type of life would we live?

Today, I would like to introduce you to a little something called kaizen - many of you may have heard of this before, but to some, this may be a foreign word.

Simply put, it is a Japanese management strategy that can be incorporated into all areas of your life, from work situations to personal life issues and the management thereof. Roughly translated, it means Continuous slow improvement, or good change.

Kaizen, is the philosophy of using small steps, or contributions, that work towards a big change, or big picture. It focuses on you and me, the individuals that form part of a small business, corporation and even a country. It encompasses the little things that can be changed by each one of us, on the path to becoming better, healthier, fitter Human Beings.

This is achieved by concentrating and improving on the little things that with time, effort and consistency, add up to a way of life, creating success almost effortlessly. To get to this point, we have to conquer our bad eating habits, cogitating, lack of activity and stress.

We have to take small, but steady steps towards achieving our goals, no matter what they might be! We can use the power and effectiveness of Kaizen, to accomplish all of this.

What You'll Learn
  • Introduction & How To Start?
  • History Of Kaizen And Its Effect In The Real World
  • Impact Of Kaizen In The Real World
  • Different Types Of Kaizen
  • Point Kaizen & System Kaizen
  • Line Kaizen, Plane Kaizen & Cube Kaizen
  • 10 Steps To Success With Kaizen
  • Continue Learning
  • Continue Thinking About How You Can Do Something
  • Eliminate Those Excuses
  • Never Give Up And Never Strive For Perfection
  • Correct The Mistakes
  • Don't Forget About Your Intelligence
  • Challenges Are Learning Opportunities
  • Don't Be Afraid To Ask Why
  • Group Thinking Is A Good Thing
  • Kaizen Is Infinite
  • How To Create A Kaizen Culture In The Home
  • Kaizen Methods & Benefits
  • Personal Kaizen
  • Motivating Yourself
  • Anticipating Obstacles
  • Strengthen Any Potential Weaknesses In Your Plan
  • Be Your Best Self
  • And Much More!


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