Never Say Later
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  • Number of Pages - 57
  • Release Date - 2015
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Product Summary

Learn how you can beat procrastination, stop letting distractions keep you from reaching your goals and getting things done.

If you have ever found yourself wondering why you haven't reached the success that you want for yourself, or why your life isn't how you have imagined it, the problem just might lie in procrastination and putting things off. In fact, if you are reading this book, the odds are pretty good that's the case.

Procrastination, distractions and putting off important tasks are at the root of most people's lack of success, and it is something that highly successful people don't suffer from. Don't get me wrong, even the most successful

people in the world procrastinate occasionally and everyone obviously gets distracted sometimes, but highly successful people don't let it stand in the way of what they want. They find ways to overcome it.

At first, when you have made a habit of procrastination, it can seem like reaching goals and quitting your procrastinating ways is almost impossible, but the truth is, people overcome it every single day, and you and I are no different than they are. What you need most is a plan of action - a step-bystep guide that will show you exactly how to eliminate procrastination from your life once and for all, and teach you how to make a habit of getting things done right away ...

This book was designed as a step-by-step guide. There are seven main steps that you will be following, but each step will be broken up into smaller ones (a philosophy that you'll soon be implementing yourself) and be easily digestible, or able to be completed easily in a short period of time. This book was designed for you to begin at the beginning and to complete each step at your own pace.

What You'll Learn
  • Procrastination & the Root of the Problem
  • Why Do We Procrastinate?
  • We Never Have Enough Time
  • How This Book Works
  • The Easy Way & the Hard Way
  • Step 1: It All Starts With Settings Goals
  • Step 2: Make a Plan To Get You From A To B
  • What is a Plan?
  • Setting a Realistic Timeframe
  • How to Create a Plan
  • Creating Milestones
  • Step 3: Break Down Your Milestones
  • How to Break Down a Milestone
  • What about Procrastination & All the Rest?
  • Step 4: Eliminate Distractions
  • Start With Your Schedule
  • Making Your Goal Time a Priority
  • Eliminating Distractions
  • A Word about Distractions
  • Step 5: Feel The Fear But Do It Anyway
  • Why You Have Fears And What To Do About It
  • Step 6: Beat Procrastination In 5 Stages
  • Stages - One To Five
  • Don't Overextend Yourself
  • Step 7: Get And Stay Motivated
  • Putting It All Into Action - Your Game Plan
  • And Much More!


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