17 Audio Golf Tips (PLR)

17 Audio Golf Tips (PLR)
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  • Download File Size - 38,672Kb
  • Audio Format - MP3, TXT
  • Listening Requirements - Any MP3 Player
  • Length of Audio - Multi-tracks
  • Release Date - 2011
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Product Summary

We are offering you a collection of 17 golf tips in audio and text format.

How can you use these audio and text clips?

  • Tweets
  • Podcasts
  • Audio Tip of the Day
  • Text Tip of the Day
  • Offer as an Audio Book
  • Audio Emails
  • Play them on Your iPod
  • Or ANYTHING else you want!

All Audio Clips are MP3 format and include:

  • Does having a club fitted improve your play? - play demo
  • How do I correct my Outside-In swing path? - play demo
  • How do you fix the problem of your hands and arms moving faster on the downswing than your lower body?
  • How do you stop lifting your head when driving the ball?
  • How much should I lean the shaft into a shot?
  • How to better align yourself toward the target?
  • How to Chip With a Hybrid?
  • How to correct the arms from swinging too far away from the body?
  • How to hit a draw?
  • How to hit a fade?
  • How to perfect the Flop Shot?
  • How to play out of a bunker?
  • Tips to improve your back swing?
  • What drill improves hitting the ball square at impact?
  • What is the cause for hitting the ball off the toe of the club and what is a good drill to correct this?
  • What simple drill can I do to cure my slice?
  • Why does a draw go farther than a slice?

Reseller Tools

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  • Notable Reseller Extras - Transcript Included, Audio Files Compiled into an Audio Book

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