10 Blogging for Profits Articles (PLR)

10 Blogging for Profits Articles (PLR)
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Setting up Your Blog - 447 words

Excerpt: Blogging is a lucrative source of profit and blogs are easy to set up and maintain. Imagine a life where you are paid to write on stuff that interests you, whenever you want, wherever you are. The mere flexibility of blogging makes it easy for you to just kick back, relax and go on a vacation whenever you feel like it.

Blog Content- 445 words

Excerpt: Today, we’re going to discuss the type of content that is suitable for your blog in order to make it profitable. First off, I want you to understand that there is no fixed scope that your blog should have, which means you can write about whatever you’re interested in.

Brainstorming- 632 words

Excerpt: Once you have chosen your main theme, start posting to your blog about it and make it a habit to post at least once every day, even if it’s only a comment on the newspaper article you read today. Think of yourself as a gigantic train. It takes a lot of effort to get you moving. First, you might just budge an inch, and later trudge slowly on until you finally reach your full speed. Then, it’ll take a lot of effort to stop you instead!

On Page Search Engine Optimization- 629 words

Excerpt: Now, you should have a blog full with content you have passionately written. It should be a very interesting grapevine for the community of your chosen niche, as opposed to a lifeless fact sheet.

Off Page Search Engine Optimization - Part I- 611 words

Excerpt: As a general rule of thumb, the more links to your blog, the more the search engines think you are an authority in that particular niche and hence the higher they rank you. However, take care to observe the quality of the links. For example, a thousand links from totally irrelevant sites like online dating sites would not help at all because your blog is a technological product blog.

Off Page Search Engine Optimization - Part II- 442 words

Excerpt: In the last article, we talked about how getting high quality links from authoritative websites in your field can boost your search engine rankings. This time, we’re going to explore further into linking strategies, and how to determine and obtain “high quality” links. We’re also going to talk briefly about Google’s PageRank.

More Traffic Sources- 584 Words

Excerpt: The first thing you can do to generate traffic is to recycle all the content you have written on your blog. What I really mean is to turn your blog posts into little “manuals” or articles that help people solve their problems or offer valuable information and submit them to article directories. These article directories are like aggregators that collect articles of similar themes together in one place, so they receive thousands and thousands of qualified visitors every day.

Monetizing Your Bolg- 591 words

Excerpt: You have been working hard to produce good-quality, original content on your blog and you have attracted a decent amount of traffic by doing so. However, money is not going to appear out of thin air just because you have traffic. You have to turn your traffic into money.

More Monetizing Options- 444 words

Excerpt: We’ve discussed about using Google AdSense programmed and other merchants’ affiliate programs to generate profits from your blog. However, we have a lot of other options out monetize your blog, so we’re going to look into that today.

Interaction Between Blogs - 393 words

Excerpt: As your blog’s content increase, people in your niche will definitely mention you for intelligent or interesting discussions. This is, in a sense, an initiation of an interaction. When people speak of you, you should thank them for the mention and build up the interaction!

If you want to drive traffic to you're website, get a higher search engine ranking, and get some notoriety for website; You need to get into writing articles, and If you not really a writer, then this is the very best option for you.


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