Secret Niche Files - Giveaway Reports Bundle

Secret Niche Files - Giveaway Reports Bundle
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  • Download File Size - 1.4Gb
  • Product Format - PDF, DOC
  • Number of Products - 60 (see topics in above screenshots)
  • Release Date - 2012
  • Suggested Retail Price - 97.00

Package Summary

Introducing... Secret Niche Files (60 Giveaway reports, including squeeze pages.)

We'll like to give you this INSANE opportunity to legally steal ALL the secret data that has been gathered and compiled by our team.

This confidential package is a result of MONTHS of research and has NEVER been revealed before...

And we're making the "Secret Niche Files' available for SIXTY of the hottest niches right now on the Internet!

Before I reveal the niches, here are the 4 components for EACH niche:


Component # 1 - Demographics Data

Demographics refers to the characteristics of a population.

Knowing the demographic profile of your average ideal prospect will help you create a clear and complete picture of the characteristics of your target consumer.

In this component, you'll discover the following demographic data of your average prospect:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Ethnicity
  • Education status
  • Income levels

Note that the data provided are estimates and is meant to be used as a gauge...

Though knowing these demographic insights will help you create a compelling sales message as you now know who exactly you are selling to!


Component #2 - Physcographics Data

Psychographics variables are any attributes relating to interests or lifestyles.

Knowing these data once again helps you understand your prospects better and gives you the ability to trigger their emotional hot buttons.

And when you recognize their interests, it becomes easier for you to develop ideas for possible sub-niche products or cross-sells.

Component # 3 - List of Frequently Asked Questions

In this component, you'll receive 20 frequently asked questions by prospects in that particular niche.

The coolest thing is, these questions are gathered from conducting surveys and through browsing the top Q&A sites...

So everything is uncensored and you get to uncover your prospects' REAL inner desires and wants...

Imagine having a magic wand that allows you to magically produce only products that sell like crazy!

It's now possible as with these list of questions, it makes creating your next product a BREEZE because you simply need to give your market what they want!

Each of these questions can simply be a module or chapter in your new product.

And you can also instantly re-write each of these questions and turn them into bullet points for your sales copy!

Once you know what your market wants, marketing to them is a no-brainer!


Component # 4 - Biggest Problems and Frustrations

In this component, you'll receive over 15 of the most common problems & frustrations that is experienced by people in that particular niche.

The coolest thing is, you get the snatch the "unfiltered language" your best prospect's are using and you can swipe them in your own sales materials...

Here's a BIG tip which you must know... To sell something successfully, you should always "sell the problem BEFORE you sell the solution!"

Unfortunately, most marketers jump right into selling the features and benefits of their product, without taking the time to understand if their prospect believe they even have a problem.

The top salesmen and copywriters know the importance of selling the problem first, which is why they always start off by describing the problems that their product is the answer to.

And with this component, you will now have the ability to uncover your prospect's true pain points & unearth their hot buttons.

Simply copy your prospects' own words and paste it straight into your sales page for a massive conversion boost.

PLUS, you will have a ton of instant product ideas that provides the solutions to the biggest problems that your target market is facing...

This ensures every product you churn out is a MASSIVE HIT!

Reseller Tools

  • Includes Sales Page - Yes
  • Includes Download Page - Yes
  • Other Included Pages - Squeeze Pages (60)
  • Notable Reseller Extras - PSD Graphics (source), Training Video Included, Promo Email

Distribution Rights

  • Resale Rights - Yes
  • Master Resale Rights - No
  • Private Label Rights - No
  • Giveaway Rights - Yes (giveaway reports only)
  • Offered as a Bonus - Yes
  • Full Product Copyrights - Yes
  • Full Graphic Copyrights - No
  • May Modify Product - Yes
  • Packaged with Other Products - Yes
  • Added to Paid Membership Websites - Yes
  • Added to Free Membership Websites - No
  • May Publish Offline - Yes
  • May Sell on Auction Websites - No

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