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Author/Creator: Liz Tomey
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Editing Requirements:Text editor
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Included Private Label Articles:

Private label content is any content be it text, audio, or video that someone creates and then allows you to use it as your own. Depending on the terms of the content, you can claim this content as your own, edit it, or do anything else with it that you would like.

It's basically like someone handing you all of their hard work in creating the content and telling you that you can do whatever you want with it.

Sounds great, right?

It is, and I have made thousands upon thousands of dollars with private label content over the last two years.

Here are just a few ways I have used private label content to make money:

  • Profit Maker #1: Creating My Own Products - Wouldn’t it be great to be able to get your hands on content that someone else had already created, and turn it into your own profitable product? Now you can!

    I have used private label content to create over 40 different ebooks in about 23 different niches. These products make me money month after month like clockwork! The greatest part about it is that it didn’t take me long to create these products because I used private label content.

  • Profit Maker #2: Creating My Own Membership Sites - In this day and age, people are willing to pay for good quality content that they can get easy access to. By creating a membership site and feeding these information hungry full of the exact information they want, you could make a nice monthly income. Build a few of these membership sites filled with nothing but content, and you could have monthly incomes coming from all your membership sites.

    By using private label content, you’ll have time to build even more sites because you want have to spend the time creating content for the sites. Just use private label content!

    I’ve created 4 different membership sites that I exclusively use private label content that I claim as my own in the last year. I get paid a monthly membership fee from every member at all 4 sites, and it doesn’t take me much time at all to update them once a month with new content.

  • Profit Maker #3: Creating AdSense Sites - Over the last year I have started building content websites that supply information on a certain topic. I use Google AdSense to make money from these sites. All that’s on the sites are content and Google AdSense ads. Some of these sites have up to 400 pages on them. If I tried creating content for all the pages within the sites, it would take me months to build the sites.

    Instead, I use private label content that I simply copy and paste into pages of my sites, so that I can quickly build more and more sites. The rule of thumb with Google AdSense is to keep building more sites to make more money. With private label content I save loads of time, and make a lot more money!

  • Profit Maker #4: Creating Mailing Lists - We all know that people get online for one reason. Information! Information about things they are interested, information on buying something, and much more. By offer an ecourse on a particular topic, you could be building a targeted group of subscribers that you can email product endorsements to that you are an affiliate for. Each time someone buys from you, you make money.

    It takes a lot of time to create the content for these ecourses though, but not if you use private label content. Imagine having an ecourse all put together and ready for subscribers in as little as a few hours!

    Now here’s where the money really comes in. Create several ecourses on several different topics, and promote products that relate to the topics of your ecourses. You could have income coming in from products that your subscribers are buying through each of these lists. It will be super easy to do using private label content!

  • Profit Maker #5 Creating Articles To Drive Traffic To Your Site - Writing articles and submitting them to article directories is one of the most powerful ways to drive laser-targeted traffic to your site. It takes so long to write articles though! By using private label content for your articles, you can be kicking out 10, 20, 30, or even more articles a day. Each of them acting as a promotional vehicle to drive traffic to your website!

    All you have to do it write an attention getting headline, throw the private label content in, and you instantly have an article ready to go! How much easier does it get?


Private Label Distribution Rights:
YESSell Private Label Rights
YESClaim Full Authorship
YESSell Master Resale Rights
YESEdit/Alter the Sales Materials (text only)
YESAdded to Paid Membership Sites
YESAdded to Free Membership Sites
YESCan be Broken Down Into Articles
YESCan be Packaged with Other Products
NOSell at Auction Sites
YESOffered as Free Bonus
NOGiven Away for Free