Source Code Blowout Package # 2 (PLR)

Source Code Blowout Package # 2 (PLR)
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File Size (Zipped):77,555Kb
Software Format(s):Windows.EXE (Installs on your PC)
Requirements:Windows 98-XP (not Vista)
Number Titles:10 (see above screenshot)
Salespage:Included (see above screenshot)
Download Page:Included (see above screenshot)
Extra pages:None
Included Graphics:JPG, PSD (Photoshop )
Cover Graphics:Included - JPG, PSD
Salespage Header:Included - JPG
Salespage Footer:Included - JPG
Salespage Background:Not Included
Miscellaneous Graphics:None
Suggested Retail Price:$97.00 USD

Package Summary:

I'm sure you know by know what UNRESTRICTED Private Label Rights means and how easy it is to cash-in with them.


  • A ready-to-sell graphic web page that you add your Personal and Payment information to. A plain text sales page is also included and can be easily copied and pasted into any existing web site.

  • The Word Document source file of a Professionally Written 7 page Sales letter. This alone has a minimum value of $600.00!!

  • A complete graphics package from our Professional Graphic Designers that includes: 25+ website ready images,

  • Blank JPG's to add your text to and ALL the Layered PSD Source images.

  • A ready-to-sell Software Setup Executable file. Just upload the EXE to your server and you're ready to start fulfilling orders!

  • ALL the Software Source files. You or your programmer will simply brand the setup with your information and links, compile them and you're ready to start selling YOUR software!

Let's dive right in and take a look at your new products:

Software Product #1 - Fast Content Producer

With this software, you and your customers can:

  • Send your search engine rankings soaring through the roof!

  • Attract thousands upon thousands of highly targeted visitors and leads from the world's top search engines.

  • Create online "authority hubs" by providing users and the search engines with fresh content about your product, service and/or niche

  • Establish yourself as an expert in your field - your content pages on a particular subject can make you appear to be the expert that prospects should go to when they have a question in that niche!

  • And much, much more!


Software Product #2 - HTML Brander
(see details here)
Here's how it works:

Step 1 - Choose the name of the product that the website is devoted to
Step 2 - Choose the folder where your web page's HTML documents are located
Step 3 - Add tags to your HTML document
Step 4 - Specify which tags are rebrandable by your affiliates
Step 5 - Click the "Create Branded Website" button to produce the exe file for your affiliates!


Software Product #3 - HTML Lockdown
(see details here)

With this software, you and your customers can:

  • Protect your Payment links

  • Hide your original HTML source code

  • Prevent your images from being copied and used by someone else

  • Create special password-protected pages

  • Stops right-clicking

  • Stop offline browsing

  • Stop URLs from being displayed in the browser bar

  • Works with any web host!


Software Product #4 - NicheSponder

With this software, you and your customers:

  • No longer have to worry about how you're going to pay a writer to produce sales copy for you and a designer to design the sales page!

  • No longer have to stress about whether your expensive professionally written and designed sales page will create any sales!

  • No longer have to pull your hair out trying to do everything yourself while ignoring other important aspects of your business!


Software Product #5 - Simple Sales Copy
(see details here)

This software includes Professionally Produced:

  • Headline copy

  • Subheads

  • Openings

  • Bullets

  • Guarantees

  • Closes

  • PS's

  • Similes

  • Copy Connectors

  • And Power words

Software Product #6 - Snap Video Pro
(see details here)

Software Features:

  • Ability to capture any portion of the screen

  • Work with multiple images at once

  • Apply pro photo retouching effects to your snapshots

  • Adding images and text to your snapshots

  • Resizing snapshots using up to 7 advanced filters

  • Configurable, system-wide hotkeys for most common actions

  • Save snapshots to multiple image formats

  • Capture a mouse-defined region of the desktop

  • Capture desktop objects like menus, windows, list boxes, edit fields, etc.

  • Directly print snapshots

  • Easily create slideshows by using the auto capture feature

  • Windows XP look-alike interface, even on non-XP systems

  • And Much More!


Software Product #7 - Spam Learner Pro
(see details here)

Only 'Spam Learner Pro': Learns to protect you from what you consider to be spam!

  • Is fully customizable, which makes it extremely hard for spammers to get around!

  • Is simple enough for beginners to use yet packed with enough power and features to satisfy even the most experienced Internet users!

  • Enables you to erect an almost impenetrable wall of defense against unwanted spam!

  • Blocks unwanted email that can waste your time, drain your energy and keep you from growing your business!

  • And much, much more!


Software Product #8 - Viral Article Publisher
(see details here)

This software:

  • Allows you to submit an article to as many sites as you want

  • Saves you a tremendous amount of time that you can use to grow your business or spend with your family!

  • Streamlines your article submission process by eliminating frustrating searches as well as any typing errors and incorrect web address entries that you may make!

  • Prevents you from having to go through your endless list of article sites to find each one that you want to submit an article to and then visit them manually!

  • And much, much more!

Software Product #9 - Viral Toolbar Builder
(see details here)

Here is just some of what your toolbar can contain:

  • Your logo or brand prominently displayed!

  • Create BRANDABLE toolbars for your subscribers!

  • Up to 10 buttons including buttons that link to your services as well as a popup blocker button, a cookie cleaner button, a translation button and much, much more!

  • Ad buttons that can rotate by clicks or time!

  • A search button and much more!


Software Product #10 - Website Sizzler
(see details here)

With this software, you and your customers can;

  • Quickly and easily generate content-rich websites that will draw both prospects' and search engines' attention!

  • Use your new content sites to generate AdSense and affiliate commissions!

  • Receive more frequent spidering and ranking by search engines that give preference to sites that have fresh content!

  • Generate free, unlimited traffic!

  • Use the sites to gain instant credibility and guru status, which will help boost your sales conversions

  • And much, much more!



Private Label Distribution Rights:
YESSell Private Label Rights
YESClaim Full Authorship
YESSell Master Resale Rights
YESOriginal Package Sales Material Included
YESMay Sell Products Individually
YESEdit/Alter the Sales Materials
YESAdded to Paid Membership Sites
YESAdded to Free Membership Sites
YESCan be Broken Down Into Articles
YESCan be Packaged with Other Products
YESSell at Auction Sites
YESOffered as Free Bonus
YESGiven Away for Free