Surefire List Cleaner - Video Course (PLR)

Surefire List Cleaner - Video Course (PLR)
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  • Release Date - 2014
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Product Summary

How to effectively clean and maintain your email list for more active subscribers, higher response rate and greater profits.

We all have heard that the money is in the list. And, yes it is. But what happens after you've built the list? You need to focus and care about the people who trust you, not the people that don't. Regardless of whether you are using third-party services or server-side email (which basically means you are emailing your subscribers directly off web hosting), having huge inactive subscribers in your list is a clear disadvantage. It can hamper deliverability rates, open rates, click-through rates and overall reputation. It can even blacklist and delete your service as spam ...

Because 3rd-party services and even some web hosts charge you money by the size of your list or email bandwidth required, sometimes you are paying and wasting money for the extra thousands users that are not active. So, by doing what you'll learn in this course, you'll increase your profits in the end as well and be able to focus on the right people instead of the wrong ones ...

What you'll learn:
Video #1 : Introduction to List Maintenance and Tools You Need
In this specific video I am going to help you get started in understanding how to effectively maintain and clean your list. I'm going to get you into the right mindset so that you understand how to do this the right way and increase your profits like you've never seen before. And most importantly, I'm going to show you how all this works and what tools you will need.

Video #2 : Analyze Your Statistics
Before you get involved with maintaining and cleaning your list, the first thing you want to do is analyze your statistics so you have a general idea of how well your lists are performing.

Video #3 : Backup Your Email Addresses
While this iscommon sense, a lot of people tend to forget about backing up their email marketing list addresses on a consistent basis. Oftentimes itmaybe too late when the third-party auto-responder service decides to delete your list. In this specific video I am going to show you how to properly do it by showing you examples using Aweber and GetResponse. And there's a specific way that you want to organize these so that you can easily keep track of them in the future.

Video #4 : Test and Clean Your Email Addresses
Did you know that within your email marketing list many emails may no longer work, may bounce, maybe duplicates, maybe possible spam traps, and more?To maintain your email lists you want to remove as many emails that no longer work and might be bouncing, because emails that bounce can actually hurt your reputation. But not only that, because having emails that no longer work is costing you money each and every month.

Video #5 : Suppression vs. Blacklist Lists
There is a specific way to prevent certain email addresses from getting onto your email list by setting up what we call ‘suppression lists'. You can also keep a banned list of subscribers you find abusive or who are bringing your reputation down. Thereforein thisspecific video I'm going to cover how to effectively use these types of lists to protect your list.

Video #6 : Segmenting Your Lists Segmenting your list is very important because it's a good way to figure out who might be active, who is semi-active, and who might not be active at all. You can also segment your list into different categories, which will allow you to increase your profits down the road. So in this specific video I'm going to show you how to properly segment your list to protect your list and increase your profits.

Video #7 : Blacklist Checker
If you do decide to run your email list on your server, then you want to consistently make sure that your email is not on the universal blacklist. These blacklists are utilized by many email companies to block out potential spammers. But unfortunately the reality is that you could end up landing on one of these blacklists, and this will compromise all of your email marketing capabilities. This is also important if you run an email list off of your website, a membership script that utilizes emails on your site, or anything similar.

Video #8 : How to Get Off a Blacklist and How to Whitelist Your IP Address
Once you are on one of these blacklists, theemails that you send to your subscribers will unfortunately go to their spam folder. However,there is a way to fight back and get off these lists, so in this specific video I'm going to show you how to properly do this. While of course there is no guarantee by understanding this specific tactic, you will be able to protect your list and fight back. I'll also show you an additional way to get your IP address whitelisted.

Video #9 : Protecting Your Email Reputation
Obviously by now you've learned that your email reputation is very, very important. Indeed, there are many different ways that you could actually hurt your own reputation. So, in this specific video I'm going to show you common mistakes that we as vendors or email marketers tend to makewithout knowing it.

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