Wordpress Mastery - Video Series (PLR)

Wordpress Mastery - Video Series (PLR)
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  • Download File Size - 159,536Kb
  • Video Format - Flash, MP4 (source)
  • Viewing Requirements - Any Flash Enabled Web Browser
  • Number of Videos - 30
  • Release Date - 2011
  • Suggested Retail Price - 47.00

Product Summary

(see demo video here)

Maybe you've often wished there was a video vault which contains all the tutorial videos for the most common topics of Wordpress...

If that's what you've been looking for, the "Wordpress Mastery Videos" package is exactly what you need!

With "Wordpress Mastery Videos", you'll receive instant access to a comprehensive set of THIRTY tutorial videos which walk you through all the important aspects of Wordpress.

You can easily refer to this set of videos whenever you face a problem of not knowing how to do something...

Even if you are an advanced marketer, you could even pass these videos to your own outsourcers so that they can help you complete any of the tasks required.

Or if you're an offline consultant and you use Wordpress to create sites for your clients, you could also hand these videos to your offline clients so they don't have to bug you every time they face a difficulty!

You can also boost your online support desk with these videos to help your customers or prospects with the tasks as well!

Let's take a look at the full set of THIRTY Wordpress tutorial videos that you'll be receiving:

Video 1: How to Create Sub domains and Add-on Domains in cPanel

Sub-domains are used to divide your primary website into different "categories" And add-on domains are used when you want to add a new domain name to your hosting account instead of paying for new hosting. This video shows you how to create both sub-domains and add-on domains!

Video 2: How to Install Wordpress Automatically Using cPanel

Installing Wordpress automatically through cPanel is the easiest and fastest way. This video shows you how to install Wordpress within 2 minutes by using cPanel.

Video 3: How to Install Wordpress Manually Via FTP

If your hosting account does not have cPanel, you can also choose to install Wordpress manually via FTP. This is a more tedious process and this video shows you how to install Wordpress manually via FTP.

Video 4: How to Change Your Permalinks Structure

The default permalinks structure used by Wordpress does not help in on-site search engine optimization (SEO). This video shows you how to change your permalinks structure to make it more SEO-friendly.

Video 5: How to Create New Blog Posts

The easiest way to start blogging would be to create new blog posts. This video shows you how to create a new blog post in Wordpress.

Video 6: How to Create New Pages

You can also create pages in Wordpress such as "About Me" which are separate from the blog content. This video shows you how to create a new page in Wordpress.

Video 7: How to Insert Images

To make your blog look more attractive, you're bound to need to insert images to make it more lively. This video shows you how to insert images in your blog posts.

Video 8: How To Install Plugins Automatically

There are tens of thousands of Wordpress plugins available to improve various functionalities Wordpress! This video shows you how to install Wordpress plugins automatically via the dashboard.

Video 9: How to Upgrade / Delete Plugins Automatically

There are always new updates for Wordpress plugins. And you might want to delete old plugins which you're no longer using. This video shows you how to upgrade and also delete your plugins automatically.

Video 10: How to Upload & Install Plugins Manually

If you happen to download a plugin which cannot be installed automatically, you'll have to upload it manually via FTP. This video shows you exactly how to do that!

Video 11: How to Install Themes Automatically

A Wordpress theme is a layout template designed to run on Wordpress. Thousands of pre-made Wordpress themes exist on the Internet. This video shows you how to install Wordpress themes automatically via the dashboard.

Video 12: How to Customize Your Theme Menu

Inside your Wordpress dashboard, you can actually create your own custom navigation menus and footer menus. This video shows you how to customize your theme menu.

Video 13: How to Upload and Install Themes Manually

Not all themes can be installed via the dashboard and when that happens, you can do it the traditional way. This video shows you how to upload and install themes manually via FTP.

Video 14: How to Use Widgets in The Sidebar

Wordpress Widgets (WPW) is like a plugin, but designed to provide a simple way to arrange the various elements of your sidebar content (known as "widgets") without having to change any code.. This video shows you how to use widgets in the sidebar.

Video 15: How to Add and Manage Users

You can actually allow other people to post content to your blog by adding user accounts and giving others login access. This video shows you how to add and manage users in your Wordpress blog.

Video 16: How to Upgrade Wordpress Version Automatically Via The Dashboard

Wordpress frequently release new version updates to add security fixes or upgrade functionality. This video shows you how to quickly upgrade your Wordpress version automatically via your dashboard.

Video 17: How to Inserting Audio or MP3 Files

Instead of just plain text, you can also insert audio or mp3 files to allow your readers to listen to them on your blog. This video shows you how to insert audio or mp3 files to your Wordpress blog.

Video 18: How to Use Gravatars for Your Blog

Gravatar (an abbreviation for globally recognized avatar) is a service for providing globally unique avatars which can appear beside comments leaved by your readers. This video shows you how to use gravatars for your Wordpress blog.

Video 19: How to Edit Wordpress Theme CSS Styles

In order to make changes to your theme's appearance, you need to edit the CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) file. This video shows you how to edit your Wordpress theme's CSS styles.

Video 20: How to Add YouTube Videos to Wordpress Automatically

Another way to make your blog more lively and entertaining is by adding videos to it. This video shows you how to easily add videos from YouTube to Wordpress automatically

Video 21: How to Create Backups for Your Wordpress Blog

Anything could happen to your blog and you do not want the unfortunate incident of losing years of blog content. So you would want to create backups of your blog so you can restore it when you need them. This video shows you how to create backups for your Wordpress blog.

Video 22: How to Import Content from Blogger to Wordpress

If you have content from blogger (or blogspot) which you want to transfer to your Wordpress blog, you can do that as well! This video shows you how to import content from Blogger to Wordpress.

Video 23: How to Add Google Analytics to Wordpress

It's really important for you to track your website traffic statistics so you know which areas is working well for you. Google Analytics allow you track where your visitors are coming from and even sales conversions. This video shows you how to add Google Analytics to your Wordpress blog.

Video 24: How to Place a Banner In the Sidebar

The most common way of monetizing a blog is by placing banner ads linked to your own website or affiliate links. This video shows you how to place a banner in your Wordpress blog's sidebar.

Video 25: How to Place an Adsense Ad In Your Blog Post

Google Adsense is also a common way on how you can actually make money with a blog. This video shows you how to easily place an Adsense ad in your blog post.

Video 26: How to Add Feedburner to Your Wordpress Blog

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds allow you to easily syndicate content from your blog so others can easily view on their RSS readers. A feedburner account will allow you to setup your blog's RSS feed. This video shows you how to add Feedburner to your Wordpress blog.

Video 27: How to Install and Use the All-In-One SEO Plugin

The All-In-One SEO plugin is an extremely useful Wordpress plugin which improves your blog's on-site search engine optimization (SEO).This video shows you how to install and use the all-in-one SEO plugin.

Video 28: How to Install and Use A Contact Form Plugin

You'll probably want to allow your blog readers to have a way to contact you to encourage more interaction. This video shows you how to install a contact form plugin on your Wordpress blog and how to use it.

Video 29: How to Insert an AWeber Form In The Sidebar

Ideally, you'll also want to capture your blog readers onto your mailing list. To do that, you need an autoresponder account like AWeber. This video shows you how to insert an AWeber form in your sidebar.

Video 30: How to Use The Akismet Spam Plugin

Every blog is bound to face comments left from spammer. If you wish to manage these spam comments manually on your own, it's going to take up loads of your time. This video shows you how to use the Akismet spam plugin to combat these spam comments.

Reseller Tools

  • Includes Sales Page - Yes
  • Includes Download Page - No
  • Other Included Pages - None
  • Notable Reseller Extras - None

Distribution Rights

  • Resale Rights - Yes
  • Master Resale Rights - Yes
  • Private Label Rights (PLR) - Yes
  • Giveaway Rights - Yes
  • Offered as a Bonus - Yes
  • Full Product Copyrights - Yes
  • Full Graphic Copyrights - No
  • May Modify Videos - No
  • Packaged with Other Products - Yes
  • Added to Paid Membership Websites - Yes
  • Added to Free Membership Websites - No
  • May Publish Offline - Yes
  • May Sell on Auction Websites - Yes

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