cPanel for Newbies - Video Series

cPanel for Newbies - Video Series
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Product Summary:

You most likely already have access to the cPanel Web Hosting panel for your website and you know that the 'net is flooded with videos on how to use the basic features of cPanel.

So the question is "how you can you take it one step further and use cPanel's bigger features to take your business to the next level of success?"

Have any of these questions passed your mind?

  • MySQL databases. What is it exactly, how do I create one and copy it from one site to another?
  • How do I really use Awstats so I can improve my traffic quality and website?
  • How do intelligently gather information from it to help improve my business?
  • How do I redirect my error pages to my main site so I don't lose out on traffic? I also get people landing to pages that don't exist on my site.
  • How do I redirect them to a page where I can at least build my list?
  • How do I keep people from snooping around my site? Say I keep my downloads in a 'files' directory, it's pretty obvious once someone has bought a product and can simply look around in that directory!
  • Alternative to FTP? If I don't want to use FTP, is there another choice?
  • How do I backup and restore my website? I need a quick and efficient way of doing this even if my hard drive suddenly dies on me and I've lost everything!
  • How do I install server scripts using cPanel? I know I will end up using some sort of script in the near future to make my business more efficient!
  • I've heard of Cron jobs and Fantastico, but what are they and will they help me?
  • How do I set up a Cron job and when is a good time to use it?
  • I have loads of files on my site that need protecting, how do I hide them so people can't find them on my server?
  • How do I get rid of spam? I'm getting a lot of Emails from the same server, is there a way to get rid of these Emails?
  • I want to transfer files from one of my server to another. Can I do it without moving the files back to my PC and re-uploading them again and do a direct server-to-server file transfer?

Video #1 - Video Tutorials Feature
Not all cPanel users are aware of this feature and often overlook this. Did you know that cPanel already provides you with a lot of "basic" tutorials within itself?

Video #2 - MySQL Databases & Tables
This video we'll cover how to create mySQL database & insert table in mysql database into another domain using PHPMyAdmin.
Sometimes scripts may not have a backup feature where you can copy one database from one domain to another. In this video series, you'll learn the deeper side of how to copy mySql databases to another domain name without any hassles.

Video #3 - Using Awstats
In this video you'll learn how to use Awstats and apply it to your business.
Not only will you be given an overview of Awstats, but you'll learn different features of Awstats that if used correctly can help you increase your website and traffic.
You'll learn how people are finding you, what keywords they are typing in the search engines, and how to use that to your advantage. You'll also learn who is linking to you, for good reasons or even the bad so that you can protect yourself.

Video #4 - Fantastico
Fantastico is popular suite of software scripts that may fit many aspects of your business. It gives you access to blogs, bulletin boards, support helpdesks, and more. You'll be given an overview of this suite and how to use it properly.

Video #5 - 404 Redirect

Did you know that you could be losing traffic when people land on areas of your site that don't exist? This is where the 404 or error page comes in. What if you could redirect all that traffic back to your main page or a working area of your site? We'll, in this video you'll learn how to redirect traffic from your error pages back to your main site.

Video #6 - Disable Indexes
Did you know that if you have a lot of downloadable files on your website, and you don't protect them, they could be at risk to be stolen? You'll learn in this video how to turn your indexes off so you can stop people who you don't want snooping around your site, download your products or files.

Video #7 - Cron Jobs!
Cronjobs are generally used to automate different tasks and are mainly use when your scripts require it. You'll understand cronjobs in a better light and how to use them.

Video #8 - Using File Manager
FTP is not the only way to upload your files. In fact, cPanel's File Manager not only uploads your files, but you can delete files, create directories, create and extract zip files, edit files, and so much more! Best of all you can do everything without any software and do it on any computer that has access to the Internet.

Video #9 - Email Authentication
It's about time you learn the basics of protecting your email box from SPAM. In this video, you'll learn how to tell cPanel to do just that and authenticate all the emails that are coming out of your domain as legitimate emails.

Video #10 - Backup / Restore Your Website!
Have you ever created a document and forgot to save it, and then you lose it? This is one of the worst feelings especially after you've taken hours to write the document. The same goes for your websites. If you don't backup your websites on a frequent basis, then you are in trouble.
Hardrives fail on a normal basis, so keeping a backup of your websites is very important, so that if something bad does happen, you don't have to start from scratch. In this video you'll learn how to not only backup your websites, but how to restore them so you can get them up and running again.

Bonus Video #1 - Server To Server Transfer!
Did you know that you can move files from one domain to another server without having to download the files to your computer and then upload them to the new server? cPanel offers a nice feature where you simply click a few buttons, and Walla!; it moves all the files, including all your emails and databases over to the new server. Life is easier with this feature and you don't have to hire a technical specialist.

Bonus Video #2- Blocking Unwanted Users!
If you run a dedicated server, people will constantly try to hack your server...and better yet if you know someone's IP address, in this video you'll learn how to block them out of your server so they can't access any of the domains on your server period.

Bonus Video #3 - How To Turn On SPF To Protect Your Emails From Spammers!
SPF stands for Sender Policy Framework and is an attempt used by spammers to grab one of your email addresses and pretend that they are you; and send out 1000's of spam related emails; hence ruining your reputation. If you run a server, you'll want to know how to turn on SPF on all of your domains.


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