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Ultimate Exit Popup
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Product Summary:

As copy and paste, push-button easy as it gets in just 5 simple steps.

This is no DHTML trick based on timing, scrolling or mouse movement. Your popups will be totally unavoidable and activated only when a visitor tries to close the window or leave your page.

Once activated, a visitor must interact with your popup before they can do anything else with their browser. You are in complete control.

The bottom line… this is powerful stuff.

Now let me ask you, do you remember the good old days when regular exit pop-up windows used to work?

That was a few years ago before the newer browsers included their own popup blockers and hundreds of other popup blockers became available on the market?

Why do you think so many website owners used exit pop-ups back then?

Exit Popups helped web site owners everywhere
make their own personal fortunes

But aren’t popups becoming a thing of the past with the newer browsers and the hundreds of popup blockers available on the market?

You know what, those are good questions and to answer them let’s take a quick look at the recent evolution of popups in general.

Phase one:

First we had the standard popups that basically load a new window either in front of, behind an existing window.

Next came the standard exit popup that was triggered when a user tried to either close the page they were on or navigate to a new page. Yes these were highly effective and yes they were also incredibly irritating as you were forced to sit and wait for that new page to load before you could do anything else (the porn industry mastered working with this tool as they often created a seemingly endless series of popup after popup, one right after the other).

Both of these types of popups widespread use brought about a whole new industry as companies capitalized off of web surfers’ desire to block all of these popups. To date, a search for “popup blocker” returns 258,000 results.

The popup blockers of today whether they be purchased or included with a browser, are able to catch just about any and every popup that opens a new window in order to show up.

Phase two:

The DHTML popup or “Hover” ad… now the coders were getting truly creative and started writing software that serves up what looks like a popup, but is actually still a part of the existing HTML page in front of the viewer.

These things were and are still great as they enable the user to create all sorts of effects and looks for their popups, from sliding or dropping in to spinning into the picture, to all sorts of different shapes and looks (you’ve no doubt seen the yellow sticky popup that was all the rage for a time).

This new breed of popup is still used widely and is still very effective. The only problem with them is up until recently there was no way to activate a DHTML popup when a person exits a page. It wasn’t in the code.

Phase three:

Mouse, or cursor, activated popups… yet another great and creative piece of coding at work. Since there was no way to activate a hover ad when a user closed a window the coders had to get really creative when wanting an exit oriented popup.

What did they do?

They tied the activation of a “Hover” ad (or now a lightbox overlay) with a users mouse moving outside the active window.

This is slick, pretty darned effective and almost hits the mark as an unblockable exit popup. There has been a flurry of these hit the market recently, each one a little better that the ones before them in functionality.

Now, you can probably tell from my comments above that I do like and am impressed with these popups. I own several of them and have tested and used them.

The one flaw I have found is that they are too easily activated at times you may not want them to be.

Think about it… ANY time a visitor moves their mouse outside the active window the popup is activated. Yes, you can code links on that page like with any popup so when they are clicked the popup does not come alive. That’s great but only gets at part of the problem.

What happens when a visitor accidentally runs their mouse outside the window, like to answer an Instant Message, retrieve an email, hop into an open application they are also running… there are all sorts of reason folks MAY end up leaving the active window for a time, not wishing to actually leave it or close it for good at all.



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