Ultimate Note-Taking System - Video Course (PLR)

Ultimate Note-Taking System - Video Course (PLR)
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  • Release Date - 2015
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Product Summary

Learn how to maximize your time and effort to create notes and how to effectively take notes to retain the right knowledge.

This 8-part video course was created for you so that you will learn how to effectively take notes. So, this is going to be useful for taking notes during meetings, during webinars, during conferences, and to help you really retain that knowledge so that you could apply it to your jobs, your business, to whatever you're trying to do - and to lectures.

Let me first start by asking you a question. Do you remember a time or maybe many times where you've taken notes and you've tried to refer back to them - maybe the day before the test or maybe a day before you actually apply it, you look at the notes and you think, what was I thinking? And you really don't understand your notes, you don't really recall the notes and you really don't know how to apply the notes. That could be a very, very frustrating point in the process.

If you missed some words while listening, don't fret. What you want to do is just put a space or put a blank and mark that part, and follow up later. You can easily do this when you're using kind of online technology or mobile apps and things like that. If you are writing down things on pieces of paper, just keep in mind that when you write notes, you would want to leave a space so that if you do make a mistake, you can always go back later.

The goal here is to help you take effective notes, not necessarily transcribe everything that the speaker is saying but take effective notes using specific strategies to help you retain the right knowledge, so that when it comes to applying the knowledge, it's going to be a lot easier.

What You'll Learn:
Video #1 - Introduction
Before we jump in, we will first set the tone for the rest of the course. You will be given a quick overview of each of the video topics so that you can understand exactly what is in store for you and how you can better prepare to start your journey to becoming an awesome note taker.

Video #2 - Preparation
You simply can't go to battle without the right weapons. In this video, we'll talk about how to channel a productive mindset, and the tools you will need in order to properly prepare for what's ahead.

Video #3 - Setting the Mood for Productive Note Taking
Note taking isn't just about preparing yourself, but also about preparing your environment. This video will show you how to set the mood for maximum productivity.

Video #4 - Note Taking Methods
Now that know what to expect, you are in a note taking mastery mindset, and you have prepared the tools you'll need, it's time to dig deeper and show you some simple yet effective methods that make up a system of great note taking.

Video #5 - Asana's Unique Features
In this video, you will learn about a fantastic program called Asana and its amazing features that can take you to greater note taking heights.

Video #6 - Evernote's Unique Features
Evernote is one of the leading applications for organizing notes. In this video, you will learn unique tips and tricks on how to get the most out of this application.

Video #7 - Easy-to-Use Audio Players
There are times when you may have to take notes from a recording, or when it's more useful to record your own voice rather than typing or writing things down. Thus, I will show you more about where to access and how to use several top audio players.

Video #8 - Reviewing and Editing Your Notes
Now for the final touches to make your notes easy to read and review. In this video, you will learn several techniques for organizing your notes so that when you refer back to them, you can instantly find and understand the information you need.

And Much More!


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