Mastering Roboform - Video Series

Mastering Roboform - Video Series
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  • Download File Size - 396,949Kb
  • Video Format - Flash
  • Viewing Requirements - Any Flash Enabled Web Browser
  • Number of Videos - 17
  • Release Date - 2009
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Product Summary

: A way to eliminate all that repetitious form filling, ensure you never have to lose track of another useful site again and make running your online business more efficient than ever!

  • Are you fed up with of boring old eBooks that deliver the same old information?
  • Do you want to start getting real solutions to make managing your online activities easier?
  • Would you like to discover ways to make the most of a truly useful tool that will save you time and work to manage your online activities?

Here’s a quick look at the specifics of what you'll learn watching Mastering RoboForm videos

Mastering RoboForm Video 01 - Video Series Introduction
In video 1 of the series I'll introduce you to the award winning automated password manager and web form filler - RoboForm. I'll cover the topics of the various videos in this in-depth series to wet your appetite to learn all about this awesome piece of software.

Mastering RoboForm Video 02 - Find And Install The Software
In this video you'll learn where to find and download your copy of RoboForm. (if you didn't download from above link already) You'll also find out if RoboForm will work with your browser or if you need to download additional software.

Mastering RoboForm Video 03 - The Master Password
This video will explain the benefits of and how to use the Master Password. This is best when configured at the end of the installation process although it can be skipped until later, this should always be done whether you are the only user of the computer or not.

Mastering RoboForm Video 04 - The RoboForm Controls
In this video I'll introduce some of the major controls or options you can work with inside RoboForm.

Mastering RoboForm Video 05 - The Toolbars
In video 5 of we will go further in depth with the Toolbar controls of RoboForm. I'll talk more about the Toolbar and the many ways you can access it and put it to use.

Mastering RoboForm Video 06 - Your Identity
In this video you'll see how to set up your identity and why it may be a worthwhile having more than one identity set up.
Mastering RoboForm Video 07 - The Custom Fields Tab
This video will show you in detail how to define and use the Custom Fields Tab in Identity. These tabs will play an important role latter in the video series when I demonstrate how to successfully use RoboForm in your day-to-day Internet Marketing. This is a must see video.

Mastering RoboForm Video 08 - Creating A Passcard
In this video I'll cover Creating Passcards. Passcards store form data about you that is specific to the web sites you visit - Data like User IDs, Passwords, Magazine Survey fields, etc. You can save any form data you like to the Passcards and use it to Auto (robo)-fill forms later.

Mastering RoboForm Video 09 - Using A Passcard
This video will cover the use of Passcards. The previous video covered ways to create Passcards, now you'll see how to put that information into practice as this video covers ways to use the "already created" Passcards to fill out forms on the websites you created the Passcards for.

Mastering RoboForm Video 10 - Editing Your Passcard
This video shows you in detail how to edit and better manage all your newly created Passcards.

Mastering RoboForm Video 11 - The Login Function
In this video I'll demonstrate the various ways in which you the login function can be used, as well as other options available within RoboForm login function.

Mastering RoboForm Video 12 - The Bookmarks Function
In video 12 you will learn about the RoboForms built-in Bookmarks function. This allows you to not only store visited web addresses, but also lets you write up lengthy notes and details about that site as well. For those of us who visit large numbers of sites and want a refresher of what the site included, this is a great function that you are going to use often!

Mastering RoboForm Video 13 - The SafeNotes Function
In this video you will learn how to use the SafeNotes function to keep more of your data secure. This can include sensitive data like your ATM numbers and passwords, your Drivers License Number, Safe Combinations & more.

Mastering RoboForm Video 14 - The SearchBox Function
In Video 14 we will show you how to use the RoboForm Search Box. The RoboForm Search Box works like your browser search box on steroids! This super powerful search tool also has enough flexibility to merit its own video so that you can uncover everything this invaluable tool has to offer.

Mastering RoboForm Video 15 - Folders
This video will make sure you don't end up with cluttered and hard to manage RoboForm files. Get the disorganized side of your brain sharply focused during this video, and make your RoboForm filing problems a thing of the past!

Mastering RoboForm Video 16 - The Password Generator
This video will introduce you to the RoboForm Password Generator. Use this nifty tool to help generate and keep track of truly unique and random passwords of various lengths and strengths. This is a cool tool if you really want to make your site access super secure!

Mastering RoboForm Video 17 - Backup & Restore
This video will show you one of the most important tasks in using your RoboForm software - backing up your data!

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