Detoxify Yourself [eBook]

Detoxify Yourself [eBook]
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  • Release Date - 2020
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Product Summary

Detoxification is not just a simple matter of going on a juice diet or going without food for an extended period of time.

As western medicine dug deeper and deeper into a biochemical germ based or pathogen centric definition of medicine, a lot is lost in translation. While it has made big strides in bridging the effect of psychology and overall stress on physical health, there's still a lot to be desired. The bottom line is that we can learn quite a bit from eastern traditions. In those traditions, sickness is defined holistically. They're more likely to put a lot of stock on the concept of spiritual pollution, emotional stress, interpersonal sickness and other factors that have a strong impact on the human psyche and overall sense of well being...

In western cultures, sickness has traditionally been defined as physical, medical or mental. While western psychology and psychiatry have progressed quite a bit over the years, there's still a long held impression in the medical community regarding the mind-body connection. Unfortunately, given what's going on and the trends in general society both in the developed and developing world, traditional definitions of sickness are short sided and all too limited. It doesn't do any good to define sickness in very narrow biochemical terms.

There are many different parts of the human psyche. There are many different faces that make up who we are. When you leave your home, you are different people to the different individuals you meet. You're somebody's brother or sister, then you are somebody's boss or somebody's employee or somebody's contractor. On and on it goes.

We're different people to the people we find ourselves in different situations. We may be in the same place, but at different times, we're different people or we are different people at the same time, but at different places. In other words, we're different people in terms of times and space. What happens to these identities? It's as if you're wearing all these different masks with different angles on them. How do you reconcile all of this?

What You'll Learn
  • Introduction - Are You Sick
  • Rediscovering The Wholistic Person
  • Reclaim Parts Of Yourself That Is Overlooked
  • You Are Part Of A Larger Picture
  • Be Aware Of Your Pollutants
  • From Victim To Victor - The Detox Path
  • The Most Important Emotional Detox You Need
  • Mentally Detox By Being In The Moment
  • Steps To Detoxify Your Mindset
  • Spiritual Detox
  • Holistic Detoxification
  • Unleashing The Power Of Fasting
  • And Much More!


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