Stop Smoking Master Course - eBooks, Audios, Videos (PLR)

Stop Smoking Master Course - eBooks, Audios, Videos (PLR)
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  • Release Date - 2011
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Package Summary

You probably have had a lot of frustration trying to quit.

Perhaps you are overcome with despair and anxiety just by the thought of trying to quit. You feel empty without nicotine. You are sick and tired of spending money on this habit and you are sick of your throat feeling like crap. You just have so much stress in your life and you are wondering how you can relieve your stress without it. You just don't know what to do and are afraid of the no man's land that you know is coming when you've gone without cigarettes for a while. what will you do to replace your habit?

Here is a story to which you can probably relate.

My friend Alexa started smoking at 17. She bummed a cigarette off of a friend after a stressful day working at McDonald's because the friend said it would help. She was amazed at the calm it gave her and from then on she smoked off and on for a while until she started smoking every day. At first it was a few and then it became more and more until it was one pack a day, then two.

After a year of smoking two packs a day she knew she just had to quit. She hated everything smelling like smoke all the time and spending so much money on it. Alexa just quit, cold turkey, and although the fear or cravings almost caused her to quit she stuck it out for about 3 months. Then after a fight with her boyfriend she just started it right up again. Alexa repeated this process 3 or 4 times over the next 5 years.

But finally, when she got engaged, she said, this time it has to be for real. So she replaced her smoking habit with another addiction, working out at the gym! Exercise and getting in shape for her wedding consumed her so much she was able to quit and had no more desire to smoke. Now, she's been married for a few years and has no desire to smoke. She absolutely detests even the though of smoking and feels so much better about her life and deals with her stress in much healthier ways.

The 25 topics covered in the above media files are: (average runtime is about one minute each)

  • The Willpower to Quit Smoking (video demo) (audio demo)
  • Quitting Smoking Advantages
  • Your Not Cool if You Smoke
  • Believe in the Facts
  • What Happens After You Quit
  • A Dangerous Habit
  • Smoking Heart Problems
  • Smoking and Your Skin
  • Kids and Smoking
  • Exercise and Quitting Tobacco
  • Nicotine
  • Smoking and Vanity
  • Hypnosis and Quitting Smoking
  • The Smoking War
  • No Time for Excuses
  • Quit Smoking for Good
  • Quit Smoking Cold Turkey
  • Life After Smoking
  • Tips to Stop Smoking
  • You Can Quit Smoking
  • Begin the Journey to Stopping Smoking

In addition to the above you will also be getting two 70 plus page ebooks:

  • How to Quit Smoking - A Guide - 70 pages (PDF, DOC, PPS, HTML, TXT, EPUB)
  • Stop Smoking Today - 77 pages (PDF, DOC, PPS, HTML, TXT, EPUB)

Whether you your self are trying to quit, or are just looking for a quality product to provide for your customers, this package is a must of your resale collection.

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