Gluten Free Lifestyle [Videos & eBook]

Gluten Free Lifestyle [Videos & eBook]
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Product Summary

Discover the options available to you and how to make gluten-free eating a part of your healthy lifestyle.

Anyone who believes that gluten-free is just a modern phase is half-right. It is indeed something new and modern. But it is not a phase. An increasing number of people are suffering from the effects of modern wheat and refined flour. The degree can vary - from a bit of wheat sensitivity to greater intolerance to celiac disease, which is the inability to process any amount of wheat due to problems in the small intestines.

Especially in the case of celiac disease, the digestive system views gluten as invaders and reacts accordingly. As it tries to attack these toxins, the lining of the gut itself can become damaged, resulting in leaks, inflammation, and other problems. Serious gastrointestinal problems are the result...

Of course, wheat can be found in many other hidden places, and we will discuss this in much greater detail. What is clear is that people who have eliminated wheat and gluten from their diet feel better and become healthier. With anyone suffering from celiac disease going gluten-free is a necessity. For others, it is a choice in an effort to enjoy increased health.

Most people also chose a gluten-free diet in order to lose weight. A diet filled with breads, cakes, and noodles is high in carbohydrates and will very likely pack on the pounds. The reason for that is that refined wheat can cause a sugar spike. That means you use sugar for fuel while fat just gets stored and piled up. People find losing weight by cutting refined flour to be much easier and quicker...

What You'll Learn
  • Wheat And Celiac Disease
  • The Downside Of Gluten
  • Shopping Gluten-Free
  • A Plan - You At The Supermarket
  • Getting Started With Gluten-Free Life
  • A Gluten-Free Kitchen
  • Cleaning Out The Bathroom
  • You And Booze
  • Gluten And Your Medicine Cabinet
  • Gluten-Free Pantry
  • Necessary Foods In Your Pantry
  • Dining Out And Being Social
  • What's For Dinner
  • You've Met Mr Or Ms Right
  • When You Are The Host
  • Finding A Restaurant
  • Make Gluten-Free Friends
  • Avoiding The Pitfalls Of Gluten-Free
  • Traveling Gluten-Free
  • Emotional Obstacles - Celiac Disease
  • When You Are Tempted To Cheat
  • Taking Control Of Your Emotions
  • Gluten, ADHD And Autism
  • Gluten-Free And Autism
  • Beware Of Chocolate
  • Adapting Your Diet To Gluten-Free
  • Favorite Treats The Gluten-Free Way
  • Good Substitutions In Your Recipes
  • And Much More!


Product Summary - Videos

If you are gluten sensitive, there is no reason for you to feel miserable.

If you are thinking about going gluten-free in order to live more healthfully, good for you. It's an excellent decision. If you have been diagnosed as gluten-intolerant, or worse, with celiac disease, you may feel frustrated and overwhelmed. Where on earth do you even start? You have a right to be concerned, because your health is at stake. Going gluten-free is a must for you. It's up to you to make the experience as enjoyable as possible...

When you begin to shop gluten-free, it can be a bit confusing and overwhelming. You might panic about missing out on your favorite meals. It may seem that there is nothing for you to eat. You'll quickly find, however, that is not the case. You won't miss anything.

Finding delicious foods that are gluten-free is easier than you think. You are likely to find a few tasty food options that you haven't considered. Once you know what to watch out for, you'll master the supermarket aisle like a gluten pro...

Your trip to the market starts with a list. Walking up and down the aisles can lead to serious temptations. Supermarkets are deliberately designed to tempt you and lure you into buying things you don't need. You don't want to roam randomly. Before you leave the house, before you even create your shopping list, plan your meals...

Get these 10 exclusive, step-by-step video tutorials that'll show you how you can take the necessary steps to rid your life of gluten and start enjoying each day again.


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