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Healthy Primal Living - eBook & Videos

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Healthy Primal Living - eBook & Videos
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  • Number of Pages - 42
  • Release Date - 2016
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Product Summary

Apply some of these changes to your lifestyle. Learn how eating & living like a caveman can change your health and your life.

Discover how to start living in a more primal manner. Your goal will be burning more fat, building more strength and toughening your body. You'll be getting more nutrition and avoiding empty calories and hunger pangs. You'll be exploring your true nature and tapping into your real potential. And at the same time, you'll feel closer to nature and enjoy all the health benefits that brings.

We've found that the high-tech methods of losing weight, improving health and getting fitter just don't work as well as they should. And this really comes down to one simple truth: we can't do better than nature. Today, health bloggers and thought leaders in the industry are preaching from a different book. Now we're being told to get outside more, to get sunlight, to swim in the cold water, to eat a balanced, natural diet and to train using our bodies and our environments ...

And if you're struggling to make all these changes? Don't worry - the whole point is that you need to take it slow and give your body time to adapt. As you make these very minor changes, you'll find you start having more energy, more drive and better health. And this will make it easier to make all the other changes that will bring you closer to a natural, primal lifestyle.

The human body is always changing one way or another. If you're sitting still, then it's getting weaker. But if you start working and living and eating healthily, that means it can change for the better and you can return it to its optimal state. That's the state it was designed to be in.

What You'll Learn
  • Introduction - What is Primal Living?
  • A Quick Lesson in Evolution
  • A Caveat and Some Warnings
  • Eating Primal
  • A Basic Introduction to the Paleo Diet
  • Paleo Diet: The Good
  • Perform Like a Top Athlete With Paleo
  • The Problems With Eating a Paleo Diet
  • Should You Stop Eating Bread?
  • Okay, What About Milk?
  • How to be 'Quasi Paleo'
  • Calories
  • And Finally, What About Supplements?
  • Primal Exercise and Staying Active
  • The Problem With Modern Exercise
  • Introducing Incidental Training
  • Nano Workouts
  • Functional Training, Bodyweight Training and MovNat
  • Functional Strength and the 7 Primal Movements
  • Bodyweight Training and Old-Time Strongmen
  • What is MovNat?
  • On Running
  • Barefoot Running
  • Time to Un-Domesticate Yourself!
  • The Lifestyle Habits That Are Wrong
  • And Much More!


Product Summary - Videos

Perhaps you're still slipping up in some areas and maybe you're making a few mistakes that come with modern living. This Healthy Primal Living videos will bring you up to speed.

Starting to live more healthily and more naturally is something that sounds very appealing but that won't necessarily be easy right away. For all we're designed to live in a natural environment, most of us have spent all our lives being domesticated and getting into bad habits.

What I'm basically saying is that you may need a little help to kick those habits and get back to your roots. Here are some resources that will help you do that...

Because at the end of the day, we are not cavemen. As much as you might wish otherwise, we do not live in caves and our environments and lifestyles are not the same as they were back then. A lot of this book is going to be focussed on helping you to get back to that kind of lifestyle - but unless you're incredibly committed you're not going to be living a 100% caveman lifestyle...

And if you want to take all these benefits even further and really see yourself transform; then try combining it all with a highly nutritious diet and healthy lifestyle fixes.

You'll learn all this and much more in Healthy Primal Living. You'll learn how to eat Paleo without the stress, you'll learn about how bread and milk really affect the body, and you'll see how to increase your flexibility, improve your breathing and boost your mood. We'll look at the things that are making you weaker every day and at the bad modern habits that contribute to stress, poor sleep, malnourishment and more.

Get these 10 exclusive, step-by-step video tutorials that'll give you advice on how to effectively improve your health through primal lifestyle and eating habits.


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