The Clean Eating Plan (eBook)

The Clean Eating Plan (eBook)
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  • Release Date - 2018
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Product Summary

Learn how to introduce a clean diet in a simple way that's easy and enjoyable to stick to and that anyone can use.

Lots of new ideas and new research have been introduced over the years which have altered the way we look at dieting. While some of this has been very useful, it has also muddied the waters somewhat as people interested in getting started with nutrition often no longer know where to begin.

The problem is that there are so many different diets out there and there's so much conflicting advice. One minute you're being told that fats are bad for you, the next minute you're being told to dump whole chunks of butter into your coffee! Some people tell you that the calories you consume are the only thing that matter for weight loss; while others say that different calories affect you differently...

Meanwhile though, glucose can also be found in fats, protein and just about any other food. In fact, fat contains slightly more sugar than carbs even - with nine calories per gram versus four calories per gram. That's why it's useful to track the amount of calories you burn every day to learn how best to lose weight. To put it simply, the body stores excess calories as fats. And what's more, is that the body will burn that stored fat when it doesn't get enough in the diet...

It's simply impossible to add all of the different vitamins and minerals in your diet manually. It might sound like a good idea to take three different supplements every day to try and boost your energy levels but ask yourself: are you going to do this every single day? For the rest of your life?

What You'll Learn
  • You Really Are What You Eat
  • Why Change Your Diet
  • The Good News For You
  • Understanding Diet And Your Health
  • Calories And Energy
  • How To Lose Weight With Calorie Counting
  • Carbs Vs Fats Debate
  • The Problem With Ready Meals And Snacking
  • The Protein You Need
  • All About Micronutrients
  • Empty Calories Are The Enemy
  • Putting It All Together For Clean Eating
  • Calorie Deficit - Why It Matters
  • Cutting Out All Junk Food
  • Seeking Out Nutrient Dense Foods
  • Cook Faster And Spend Less Time In The Kitchen
  • Top Tricks To Spend Less Time Cooking
  • Simple Breakfast Options To Start The Day Right
  • Simple Lunch Recipes Anyone Can Enjoy
  • Easy Dinner Recipes For You
  • Healthy Guilt-Free Dessert Recipes And Snacks
  • Ways To Get Healthy Meals - Meal Deals & More
  • How To Snack And Eating Out
  • Easy Ways To Reduce Your Calories And Junk Foods
  • Plan For Sticking To Healthy Low Calorie Meals
  • And Much More!


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