Reclaiming Your Youth - eBook & Audio

Reclaiming Your Youth - eBook & Audio
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  • Release Date - 2015
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Product Summary

How to enjoy the best of life in these golden years by starting & implementing an exercise routine and a healthy lifestyle.

While being optimistic is certainly a good trait to possess, standing alone it won't get you to seeing one-hundred candles on your birthday cake. Living a healthy life is important just as well, with staying active being a big part of the equation.

Low-impact exercise that you enjoy doing is a better choice than higher-impact exercise that you don't look forward to due to its intense nature. The key is to find something you enjoy doing so that you stick to it. Think swimming, bike riding, walking and dancing ...

In addition to being active, getting adequate sleep each night is important for longevity. Our bodies repair during sleep, so it's important to get enough shut eye on a regular basis to allow this process to happen fully. By getting adequate exercise and sleep, flexibility, awareness and balance increases which decreases your chance of having a debilitating fall due to lack of coordination, balance, or a foggy mind from a restless night ...

We're living in a world where everyone wants everything immediately. We have fast food restaurants on every corner, the ability to shop on our phones, live streaming sports events and nearly everything we need at our fingertips. Throw into the mix the plethora of junk food that is available for us to purchase and consume and it's really no wonder that, worldwide, we continue to get more and more overweight and obese. It is important to take responsibility for your own health and well-being.

What You'll Learn
  • Introduction
  • Steps to Begin Exercise
  • You're Only As Old As You Feel
  • Ways to Stay Active in Your Golden Years
  • The Pillars To Great Exercise
  • Sample Gym Exercise Routine
  • Seniors and Weight Lifting: Is It Safe?
  • Over 65? Exercise Can Improve Your Sex Life
  • Live To Be A Young 100
  • And Much More!


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