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  • Release Date - 2017
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Product Summary

Discover how to boost your energy levels and be far more productive at work, far happier at home and much healthier overall.

What is it that is holding you back in life? A lot of us make the mistaken assumption that it is time. We think that if only we had a little more time, then we could get all kinds of things done. If we had a little more time, then the house would be cleaner, we'd spend more time with our family and friends and we'd be able to progress faster through our career. Maybe we could start a new training program as well and finally get those abs?

But there just isn't time in the day. We work from 9-5 and when we get home, we often still have a long list of tasks to do that we just don't have time to finish. That includes checking the mail, paying bills, making dinner, washing up and hopefully getting just a little bit of time to spend with family! Man, if only there were more time... right?

The issue is not your time at all but rather it is your energy. And this isn't to say that you're in some way lazy, or that you could be making better use of your time right now. Instead, it is to say that you're simply pushing yourself too hard and too far - and it should come as no surprise that you're not achieving as much as you hope as a result.

Energy is something that most of us ignore. You think you have a few hours tonight and you'll do it then. The only problem is that if you don't have the energy, then you're not going to do it. Your energy is finite, it can only go so far, and if you ignore that fact then you're going to run out of steam and not accomplish the things you want to change.

There's a good chance that you may be reading this and considering energy management properly for the very first time. Perhaps it's something you never really thought about before - you wouldn't be alone in that! You've hopefully learned a valuable lesson already. Simply acknowledging that energy is probably what's holding you back is one of the very best things you can do to start making life easier.

Once you come to terms with this, you can start to think more logically and realistically about what you can achieve in a day. That means you can remove item from your agenda - knowing full well that you won't be able to accomplish them - and thus actually get more done as a result and come home with more energy left over.

What You'll Learn
  • Why Energy Management Is Better Than Time Management
  • Coming To Terms With Energy Management
  • Our Strategy For Boosting Energy
  • This Is Where Everything Changes
  • Why You'Ve Failed To Get Into Shape
  • Deciding What Matters
  • Kaizen - The Small Changes That Will Supercharge
  • How To Enhance Your Sleep To Enhance Your Day
  • Waking Up Full Of Beans
  • Get Up On Time Every Time
  • Why You Feel Ill In The Morning
  • CBT For Getting To Sleep
  • Ride The Tide
  • Why Your Body Has Energy Cycles
  • How To Manage Your Energy Levels
  • Finding A Routine For Optimum Performance
  • The Devastating Effect Of Stress
  • How To Prevent Stress From Destroying Your Energy Levels
  • Training For Energy
  • A Basic Training Program To Boost Your Energy
  • Why The Quick Routine Is Effective
  • How To Get Abs
  • How To Write Goals And Increase Adherence
  • Fuel For Your Body
  • Why Nutrients Matter
  • Now Take This Information And Run With It
  • And Much More!


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