Functional Strength - eBook & Videos

Functional Strength - eBook & Videos
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  • Release Date - 2016
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Product Summary

Do you want to feel fitter & healthier than you possibly ever imagined? This is your guide for building functional strength.

As the name suggests, functional strength is strength that is functional. In other words, it's strength that you can use. So you're not trying to look strong or look health - you're trying to be those things. This is the difference between training like a gym bro and training like Bruce Lee. Which would you prefer?

Health and fitness fads come and go all the time but unfortunately not all of them are worth your time and effort. Some of them don't work, some of them are overhyped and some of them are just plain dangerous. But 'functional strength' is different. While functional strength is very much in vogue right now, it's not a 'fad' by any means. In fact, functional strength is the opposite of a fad and it's a step in the right direction for all of fitness.

That's because functional strength take it all back: takes it all back to the reasons that most of us started training in the first place. Or at least the reasons we should be training ...

The unfortunate fact of the matter is that most of us, gym bro or not, are not 'functional'. The vast majority of us find it difficult to move around in our environment, suffer from bad backs and knee pain and aren't all that strong. This is a result of the way we live. Unfortunately, modern life is not conducive to functional fitness because we're very rarely challenged physically in any meaningful way. The majority of us spend most of our time sitting down and that means we're getting zero exercise.

And don't worry if you're not super fit, or if you don't have any interest in becoming an elite athlete: functional strength is important for everyone. Functional strength helps you in every aspect of your life because it gives you better control over your body and your environment. Functional fitness extends to things like flexibility, correct breathing technique and posture. All these things enable you to move with less pain, more grace and more speed ...

What You'll Learn
  • What Is Functional Strength?
  • Why There Are Different Types Of Strength
  • Training For Strength Vs Size
  • The 7 Primal Movements
  • Compound Movements And Big Lifts
  • Some Moves To Get You Started
  • Relax Into Stretch And Foam Rolling
  • How To Relax Into Stretch
  • More Fixes For Mobility And Flexibility
  • How To Use Foam Rolling
  • Functional Strength Training Tools
  • Kettlebells & Indian Club Training
  • Barefoot Running & Trx
  • Bodyweight Training For Strength To Weight Ratio
  • How To Approach Bodyweight Training
  • Overcoming Isometrics And Grip Strength
  • High Intensity Interval Training
  • Is There Any Place Left For Resistance Machines?
  • Resistance Machines, What Are They Good For?
  • Advanced Techniques With Resistance Machines
  • Crossfit: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
  • The Idea & Crossfit Controversy
  • Movnat - Moving Natural
  • Diet For Functional Strength
  • What Is The Paleo Diet?
  • A Word Of Caution
  • Creating Your Program
  • And Much More!


Product Summary - Videos

Now you can get access to the Functional Strength Video training course that will make it easier to get started and stay committed to your functional strength training.

Do you want a body that doesn't just look good, but has performance like a super-expensive muscle car? Do you want to be like a coiled spring, ready to explode into action at any time? Say goodbye to tiredness, to soreness, to weakness - say hello to functional strength ...

When you train for functional strength and fitness, everything becomes easier: from helping a friend move furniture, to getting out of bed in the morning.

And if you want to train for your appearance as your first priority? Well then this is still the right way to go: because when you train for strength and power, you look much better. Don't believe me? Then think about it logically: the reason that humans find healthy people attractive is because we assume they have better genetics and are better able to protect themselves and their families. Someone with functional strength really can do all those things and really is healthier - so they send all of those unconscious signals that make them more attractive ...

Get these 10 exclusive, step-by-step video tutorials and learn how to get started regardless of what kind of shape you're in today. This guide will give you everything you need to build functional strength.


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