Mindfulness (eBook)
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  • Release Date - 2020
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Product Summary

Mindfulness is an incredibly helpful practice to help you navigate through stressful or chaotic times. Explore more.

Mindfulness is one of the best ways to learn how to find your calm amidst a chaotic storm. By practicing mindfulness, you can learn how to better comprehend the issue at hand, connect your rationality to your emotions, and respond to people and yourself in a more compassionate and respectful way. Simply by practicing mindfulness every day, you will be able to better handle any situation that comes your way...

Many people believe that mindfulness is about attaining some state of bliss. Bliss is often described as some state of perfect happiness that is oblivious to other factors surrounding it. It is important to recognize that mindfulness is not about reaching a state of bliss. This state is impossible to reach because there will always be challenges and difficulties in life that disrupt this so-called state. In other words, bliss does not exist.

With that being said, mindfulness can and should make you feel happier and more content with your overall life, but it is more realistic about it. This allows mindfulness to be geared towards appreciating your life and self better. It helps you see past short-term struggles and appreciate the life you have, even in the bad times.

For this reason, the point of mindfulness is to help you live a better life. Living a better life includes being more content in your situation, responding more compassionately and rationally in difficult situations, and being more compassionate with yourself and others. Mindfulness is not about creating a perfect life, but it is about creating the life you want and are excited to live.

If you understand that this is the point of mindfulness, you can more easily set realistic goals for your mindfulness training. These goals should reflect your current abilities and future wants so you are actively pursuing your ideal life...

What You'll Learn
  • What Is Mindfulness
  • Understanding The Point Of Mindfulness
  • Benefits Of Mindfulness
  • Mindfulness In Times Of Chaos
  • Negative Effects Of Chaotic Times
  • Practicing Mindfulness For The Body
  • Why Mindfulness Benefits The Body
  • Mindfulness And The Body Practices
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  • Benefits Of Practicing Mindfulness For The Mind
  • Improving Reasoning Abilities & Increases Attention
  • Regulating Emotions And Improves Compassion
  • The Right & Left Hemispheres Of The Brain
  • Mindfulness And The Mind Practices
  • Creating A Morning Routine
  • Repeating Affirmations
  • Benefits Of Practicing Mindfulness For The Spirit
  • Mindfulness And The Spirit Practices
  • Mindfulness As A Growth Opportunity
  • Practicing Mindfulness When Things Are Good
  • Growing To Become More Resilient
  • Mindfulness In Meditation
  • Mindfulness Vs. Meditation
  • How To Practice Mindful Meditation
  • Bringing It All Together For Your Entire Essence
  • Why Holistic Mindfulness Matters
  • How To Practice Holistic Mindfulness
  • Meditation Through Yoga
  • And Much More!


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