Desserts and Treats

Cooking With Coffee
Gourmet coffee can be used as an ingredient in cooking. Coffee's rich, smoky flavors can enhance all manner of dishes.
The Coffee Connoiseurs Cookbook
Enjoy the true rich flavor in its finest form. A collection of recipes to make every coffee break a memorable event.
Delicious Coffee Recipes
A huge collection of some of the most popular and well-known coffee recipes, and some recipes for coffee related pastries.
Chocolate and Cocoa Recipes (PLR)
Have you ever ate the best chocolate cake but didn't know how to make one on your own? Here are the best chocolate and...
Delicious Desserts (PLR)
Welcome To The World's Largest Collection Of Delicious Dessert Recipes. If you like dessert, you'll love this collection...
Ice Cream Recipes (PLR)
131 Ice Cream Recipes that are sure to delight your senses.
Expert Cake Decorating Made Easy (PLR)
Learn The Tips and Tricks To Become An Expert Cake Decorator In Double Quick Time & Put All The Frustration Behind You.
Making Chocolate 101 (PLR)
Discover How to Make Homemade Chocolate!
Cake Decorating (PLR)
Learn how to decorate cakes just like a true pastry chef.
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