Daily Habit Hacks
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Product Summary

All you need to do to break your bad habits and start developing good ones is to start small.

Every January, a majority of people are filled with enthusiasm for changing their lives. They hope and desire to start the new year off fresh and setting goals that will change our lives. However, within a few weeks, we find ourselves battling the same bad habits from the previous year.

The worst part about this is that we revert back to our bad habits unknowingly and unwillingly. Over time, the ritual of setting New Year resolutions and quickly breaking those resolutions ends up disappointing use to the extent that we give up with the idea of changing our bad habits and instead choose to opt out of the yearly ritual.

Eventually, we end up with a negative connotation about change. We are made to believe that change is meant only for a few who have a lot of will power or a unique self-drive. Unfortunately, this revelation leaves most people with questions that often go unanswered.

Since a habit is something that you acquire as a result of the influences in your life, being able to change it will require some skills. Like any other skill, it needs both effective techniques and practice to be successful. You need to equip yourself with these skills so that you can be competent enough when facing your habit. If you want to change your habits, then you have to work on developing your skills continually....

Fortunately, you aren't alone in your desire to break your bad habits. Just about everyone in the world has an undesirable habit that they would like to break. What matters most is what you do with your bad habit. The biggest problem is not in having a bad habit but allowing it to take control of your life while you sit back and do nothing.

What You'll Learn
  • What Are Habits
  • How To Recognize Your Habits
  • Types Of Habits
  • First School Of Thought
  • How Habits Work
  • The Pattern Of Habits
  • The Three Rs Of How Habits Work
  • Habits And Your Quality Of Life
  • Bad Habits And Your Brain
  • Impact Of Bad Habits On Health
  • How To Break Bad Habits
  • Break Bad Habits In Easy Steps
  • Other Necessary Steps
  • How To Form Good Habits
  • Starting Small
  • Deciding When
  • Using A Trigger
  • Changing Your Environment
  • Visualizing
  • Use Of The If-Then Strategy
  • Rewarding Oneself
  • And Much More!


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