Getting Back Time
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  • Number of Pages - 71
  • Release Date - 2016
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Product Summary

How to attain a lifestyle that helps you accomplish more in less time & leaves you with more time to do the things you love.

The reality is that life is made from time. In fact, some thinkers suggest that consciousness itself is tied closely to time. You are given a finite amount of time on this planet and as far as we know, that's all you're ever going to get. Life is an incredibly precious and amazing thing and you owe it to yourself to make full use of this time while you have the chance.

We all are able to revisit the time that we've experienced in the form of our memories and this is where the slightly subjective nature of time becomes apparent. Although time moves faster when we are engaged and having fun, this type of time also lasts much longer. When we are engaged with new stimulus, our brain lays down and creates more memories and more neural connections. When something incredible happens, it leaves a deep imprint on our brains that won't be subject to fading over time.

When we take part in the routine and the mundane, there is nothing worth remembering and it fades into one. So when we look back over our lives, it is only the exciting, the novel and the interesting that is retained in our databanks. This is the time that we're able to 'get back' then in the form of memories. And thus living a full and busy life becomes the secret to having not only a rich life but also what seems like a full and long life...

You will learn the techniques and skills you need to stop being reactive and to start being proactive. Instead of waiting for retirement, you'll learn how to make your life your own right now and start living it to the fullest...

The key message of this book though can really be summed up with one simple instruction: learn to prioritize. And that doesn't just mean prioritizing your health over spending more time at work. It doesn't just mean prioritizing certain people in your life because you don't have time to make everyone happy. What it really means is understanding that your time is your most valuable asset - and that this should always be your focus and your priority.

What You'll Learn
  • Introduction: Time Matters
  • Why There Is No Time Any More
  • What You Will Learn
  • Chapter 1: The Importance Of Energy Management
  • How To Get More Energy
  • Chapter 2: Cutting Back And Prioritizing - How To Budget Your Time
  • Understanding Your Body'S Rhythms
  • Prioritizing
  • Chapter 3: What Is Lifestyle Design?
  • Changing The Way You Think About Work
  • Chapter 4: Ten-Minute Workouts You Can Do Anywhere
  • How To Work Out In Ten Minutes
  • Incidental Training
  • Chapter 5: Get More Done By Outsourcing, Automating
  • Being More Efficient
  • Outsourcing And Automating
  • Chapter 6: How To Cut Back Work And Negotiate Flexi-Time
  • Becoming A Digital Nomad
  • Chapter 7: Multitasking To Do More
  • Chapter 8: How To Fill Your Time With Exciting And Worthwhile
  • Adventures And Exploration
  • Other Activities
  • Chapter 9: Accelerated Learning - How To Learn New Skills
  • Start New Projects In Less Time
  • Chapter 10: Ten Ways To Save 10 Minutes Every Day
  • And Much More!


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