Techniques in Time Management

Techniques in Time Management
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Ultimate Techniques for Time Management

Now You Can Take Control Of Your Time!

Accomplish the goals that you have always wanted to , but thought you didn't have the time for, without sacrificing time for anything else you are currently doing . . .

 "Time is Money".That is the age old cliche . . . but I think that a more timely statement in today's world would be that "Time is a Precious Commodity".

Time effects every aspect of your life. Your job, your personal relationships, sleep, and the time you find for leisure are all effected by your ability to manage your time. After all, there are only 24 hours in a day, and that will never change.

It may seem that there is never enough time, but if you learn how to manage your time better, you will be surprised at how much time you really have.

Time management is not something that is taught in high school, and very few colleges include it as part of there required course studies, but it may just be the single most important life skill that you can have.

I know that some will tell you that it is motivation that sets the very successful apart from the crowd, but I believe most of us have the motivation, we just don't know how to find the time.

That is why I have assembled this manual, Ultimate Techniques For Time Management. This manual will teach you how to find the time to do the things you currently believe that you don't have the time for.

I know that the techniques taught in this manual have made a profound difference in my life, and can make the same difference for you. Let me tell you my story . . .


My Story . . .

First let me introduce myself. My name is Brad Gearhart and I have developed and marketed over 20 products on the Internet in the last 14 months. About 6 years ago I purchased a product from TV that promised riches from the Internet. It was a short course, so I did find the time to read it. I then tried putting the information that I had learned to the test. Well, needless to say, it didn't work. So I started to search around on the Internet for information on marketing. I eventually joined the membership site of The Internet Marketing Warriors. I started reading the posts on the forum and learned that it took a lot more then what that cheap TV course told me to be an Internet marketer. It would take time, and that was something that I did not have much of. So I shelved the idea of Internet success and went back to my normal life. Until about 18 months ago, when my employer offered to pay for a 6 week course in time management for anyone who wanted to attend. The skills I learned made my job much easier and less stressful. I had more energy left at the end of the day. I started applying the skills to other aspects of my life and found that I had more free time then ever. I of course wanted to do something with this free time, so I went back to the Warrior forum and started reading everything I could on Internet marketing. I put my new found knowledge to work and in the last 14 months I have made over 11,000 dollars. I'm not rich yet, but I have a start. A start I would not have gotten without the skills I learned from that simple time management course.


Since I began marketing on the Internet 14 months ago, I have developed and marketed many products, and one of the most common comments I receive is "When Do You Find The Time To Sleep" Well, believe me I get plenty of sleep. I have not given up anything else in my life, I have just learned how to manage my time more efficiently.

How many times have you said " Boy, if I only had the time, I would like to do that? ". And it doesn't have to be about making more money or marketing on the Internet. The underlying principle taught inUltimate Techniques For Time Management is that time management is not about doing your job well. It is about living your life well.

You should have time for everything. And everything means work, play, enjoyment, freaking out and just time to sit and stare; because that is when the most creative ideas are born.

The skills you will learn in the Ultimate Techniques For Time Management manual can help you:

  • Improve Your Personal Relationships.

  • Spend More Time With Family & Friends.

  • Improve Your Job Performance -Get That Raise!

  • Students-Find more time for studies

  • Take Up That New Hobby.

  • Do That Volunteer Work That You Have Wanted To Do.

Do anything that you have wanted to do, but
couldn't find the time for.



Ultimate Techniques For Time Management contains no time wasting fluff. It is a 51 page pdf manual written in a straight forward manner and divided into the following 18 Chapters:


  1. The concept of Time

  2. Do you live in your own time cage?

  3. Where does all that time go?

  4. The Time Killers

  5. Organization, the key to Time Management

  6. Your 'To Do' Lists

  7. Prioritization: Essential in meeting deadlines

  8. Accomplishing more with less time

  9. The Time Savers

  10. Doing two things at once

  11. Your time: Self Analysis

  12. When to say 'No'

  13. Procrastination-Your final enemy

  14. Staying Motivated

  15. Planning for success

  16. Are You A Workaholic?

  17. The Burnout Syndrome

  18. Tardiness-Don't waste my time!  


My employer paid 180.00 to send me to that 6 week course, and considers that a bargain because of the increase in productivity he has seen among those that attended the course.

How much is Ultimate Techniques For Time Management going to cost you? Well not nearly as much as my employer paid. Actually less than 1/10th of his cost.



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