Miscellaneous Niche Products.. ebooks, software, and more, that come with private label rights.

Super Sleuth - Research Anything About Anyone (PLR)
Research Anything About Anyone with this easy to follow guide.
Now That's Incredible (PLR)
50+ pages of fascinating fun facts, bizarre coincidences, hilarious quotes, famous mysteries solved, and common myths...
Hybrid Cars 2 (PLR)
Guide to buying and owning a hybrid car.
How to Date Any Girl (PLR)
With the right methods, you can date any girl of your dreams.
Spyware Defense for Newbies (PLR)
Never Worry About Someone Watching Your Each-And-Every Move Online, Educate Yourself With This Hard Hitting ebook That...
How to Become an Alpha Male (PLR)
How an average guy can go from wall hugging wannabe to stud.
Farmville Strategy Guide (PLR)
Farmville basics, and winning strategies.
Secrets of Hypnosis - eBook and Audio (PLR)
Experience Freedom From Stress, Anxiety and Pain... And Find the Power to Overcome Destructive Bad Habits!
Your Guide to Tattoos (PLR)
Everything you need to know about tattoos is included in this special report
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