Install CGI Scripts - Tutorial

Install CGI Scripts - Tutorial
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Install CGI Scripts - Instructional Videos


Are you sick & tired of hiring programmers to install your CGI scripts and pay HUGE amount of fees over and over again?

"Who Else Wants To Stop Forking Out $50 - $200 To Get Your CGI Scripts Installed By Watching Exactly How I Did It With My Most Exclusive Step-By Step Online Video Coaching Tutorials?"


Suppose you could learn detailed step-by-step video tutorials on how to install your own CGI scripts on your server.

Imagine a scenario where you can permanently STOP paying hefty fees to get your scripts installed. You could be saving between $50 - $200 worth of installation fees for every script that you want installed.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, it isn't if you have the right learning tools, detailed step-by-step video tutorials.

It could take you years and can cost you a small fortune to figure out just the right combinations to make that installation works - while others fall flat on their face.

But instead of knocking yourself out trying to come up with just the right learning tools, you can now have an entire collection of my hard-hitting online video tutorials for your, ready at your beck and call.-- announcing:

"Install CGI Scripts Videos"

"In just a few hours following my step-by-step online video tutorials, you will be able to install your own CGI scripts without having to hire a programmer"

But don't take my word for it, here's what customers from all over the world are saying about 'Install CGI Scripts Videos':

"...Just Hours After Downloading Your Video Tutorials, I Have Already Installed 3 Scripts On My Server!"

"I did not think it was possible. But just hours after downloading your video tutorials, I have already installed 3 scripts on my server!

The tutorials are a piece of cake to follow and really helped me every step of the way... If you are like me and know NOTHING at all about installing CGI scripts, then these are the only step-by-step video tutorials you will need."

Dale Odeyemi


"Technical Moron Installs CGI Script In Only 22 Minutes...And It Actually Works Right The First Time"

"Technical moron installs cgi script in only 22 minutes... and it actually works right the first time.

No Ameer, It's not a headline but it should be. I've struggled to the point of insanity trying to understand cgi scripts and your video series is the first and ONLY resource I've seen to make heads or tails out of cgi.

What a kick ass resource. Worth way more than the price you're asking. Thanks a million...."

Louis Burleson



"Video Tutorials Is Truly An Answer To A Prayer"

"Here's what I am talking about; I have a Fly-In Ad script, the one that have about 50 difference files that you have to modify. It was setting on my hard drive accumulating
digital dust for about three months because the darm thing was just too difficult to install and professional installion was too expensive.

After watching the easy to understand crystal clear video tutorials, I was able to install the script in less than 15 minutes.

I highly recommed these professional video tutorials to anyone that have no skills of installing scripts.

Thanks Ameer, for creating the Time and Money saving video tutorials."

Lawrence Andrews
President and CEO



"Videos Make It Easier For Me So I'm Glad You Have This Product"

"I've been putting off learning how to install cgi scripts from a book. Videos make it easier for me so I'm glad you have this product.

If you need to learn how to install cgi scripts you won't be disappointed. They are nicely done and easy to understand.


Bob Silber


"I Understand A Lot More Than I Did Before I Read These"

"Another wonderful product from Ameer.

CGI Scripts can be very intimidating, but with these videos you will be able to install with ease. The ARP videos alone were well worth my money. I understand a lot more than I did before I read these.

Thanks again Ameer."

Kim Winfrey


"...These Videos Explained Everything I Need To Know About Using CGI Scripts On My Websites"

"Wow! I am not a "techie" by any stretch of the imagination... but these videos explained everything I need to know about using CGI scripts on my websites!

Thank you! You just saved both time and money - and not too many products do both!"

Melody Wigdahl



"...Gives Complete And Accurate Details To Get You Up And Running Fast"

"These are powerful installation videos that give you a full walkthrough each step of the way.

I compared one of the videos with my own previous experience with a script and it indeed gives complete and accurate details to get you up and running fast."

Bob Turpen


"...Allowed Me To Understand How Exactly It's Done"


I've been waiting literally years for information like this to become available.

There are so many scripts available on the internet that can do incredible things. From protecting websites from wrong doers, to bringing targeted traffic to your site. The problem was I didn't know how to install these scripts.

Yes, there are tutorials out there, but being able to see and hear how to install cgi scripts really allowed me to understand how exactly it's done.

You've just opened the doors to exciting new possibilities for everyone!

Thank you so much"

Dave Maschke


"...Empower Anyone To Install CGI Scripts By Themselves"

"Hi Ameer,

If only someone had thought about creating such video tutorials much earlier, it would have saved me hours of work installing scripts.

Your "Installing CGI Videos" will empower anyone to install cgi scripts by themself and save them a few hundred dollars hiring programmers to do the job.

Installing CGI scripts can't get easier than this!

Great job!"

Kaviraj Kodai


"...It Can Help Them To Learn How To Install CGI Scripts Very Fast And In Front Of Their Eyes"

"Hi Ameer

I just saw your CGI installation videos and let me tell you WOW!!!

Many times I get help requests from my subscribers about how to install some of the scripts I sell, but not always I can help them because from their questions I can see they know nothing about installing scripts.

Finally, I can easily refer them to these brilliant video tutorials and I know it can help them to learn how to install CGI scripts very fast and in front of their eyes."

David Zohar


"...Saved Me A Lot Of Time And Frustration"


You've done a great job with these videos and they are jam packed with information!

I wish these would've been available the first time I had to install a CGI Script.I was so nervous about it and it went painfully slow!

Having someone to walk you through it step by step would've saved me a lot of time and frustration!

I would highly recommend these to anyone who's not familiar or uncomfortable with installing CGI scripts. Thanks for a great product!"

Debbie Hamstead


"Someone Has Actually Taken The Pain Out Of Script Installation!"

"What a pleasant surprise!

Someone has actually taken the pain out of script installation. I have already put a number of the videos to good use and I know they'll be used again shortly. Please add to your set as soon as you can.

Keep up the good work."

Dave MacGregor


"I'm Now Confident I'll Be Able To Work with These Scripts On My Own"

"As a newbie .....I'm finding your Videos highly enlightening. Prior to watching these I knew NOTHING about the technical side of CGI scripts. I'm now confident I'll be able to work with these scripts on my own. Final thought....I've found VIDEO is a great way to learn. If I don't grasp it all the first time...REPLAY!"

Keith Heydon
Vancouver, Canada


"You Have Saved This Newbie A Lot Of Time And Headaches"

"All I can say is Thank You Ameer. You have saved this newbie a lot of time and headaches, by making the Install CGI Scripts Videos.

I have always been a visual person, and your step-by-step system videos have made my life easier. Now I can finally correctly install a script I had recently purchased because of your videos.

Great job and keep up the good work. I can't wait to see what you think of next."

Richard Perez


"Now I Can Install The Same And Other Scripts In No Time"


Before seeing your videos I was paying so many people to install cgi scripts on my site because I didn't know how to install them.

Now I can install the same and other scripts in no time.

So if somebody want to install cgi scripts it will be so easy with your step-by-step videos and instructions."

Abdulla Kamal


"In Less Than An Hour I Learned How To Install A Complicated Script Involving MySQL And Performed The Installation Myself"

"In less than an hour I learned how to install a complicated script involving MySQL and performed the installation myself! I have had to pay experts to install this same script in the past.

No More! Now, I am thinking I can do this for others and earn a tidy sum for my service! Why not? One of the best purchases I have made in a very long time.

Please add me to your list of frequent clients and stay in contact.

Best wishes for your success!"

Jeffery Ash


"...These Clever Little Videos Just Deliver The Goods"

"Hi Ameer,

Finally someone has done it!

Not that it is extremely complicated to install CGI PERL scripts, however one must know what he's doing and these clever little videos just deliver the goods.

This will be very welcome from Internet newbies, as it will be like being right over your shoulder looking at you training them. And if they didn't get it at first, they won't be shy to ask, they'll just replay the video.

Good job, warmly recommended"

Andre Foisy, eMC


"Your Relaxed Pace And Amazing Voice Quality Kept Me Concentrated From Beginning To End"

"Waste No Time!

Loose no MONEY. These high quality and easy to follow video instructions take the sheer frustration that everyone at sometime experience trying to do important things for themselves. No one is left behind and no one will feel lost. Your relaxed pace and amazing voice quality kept me concentrated from beginning to end. BRAVO! 10 Thumbs UP!.

Keep up the good work."

God Bless

Richard Driver



"...I Think They Should NOT Attempt To Install CGI Scripts Without Watching Your Videos"

"Your 15 CGI installation videos will definitely make the lives of the technically-challenged web entrepreneurs easier. I am glad I can refer my friends and customers to your excellent video tutorials and free up my time in the process.

Thanks Ameer! In fact, for anyone new to CGI scripts,I think they should NOT attempt to install CGI scripts without watching your videos!"

Adam Lok

I know you're probably still skeptical and a bit on the conservative side, but think about this - if you keep paying your programmers to have your CGI scripts installed over and over again - you'll only be forking out more and more money everytime.

That's why I want to let you try out my marketing video coaching series - completely and totally risk-free! (I'll tell you about my unique guarantee in a moment.)

190 Minutes of Exclusive Video Tutorials

In "Install CGI Scripts Videos" you get a total of over five hours of exclusive coaching videos ... starting with the basics of installation, and going all the way through to setting up your MySQL Database, integrating the script with MySQL database, CHMODing your CGI scripts, setting up file permissions, piping email server, setting up cron tasks, create htaccess file... and much more.

This coaching comes in the form of 7 CGI scripts examples with over 14 videos you view on your computer. I've included a full list for you here. Click on any of the pictures to see a full size shot from that video:

1) This video shows the installation of an ad tracking script called 'Adtrackz'. It is one of the simplest to install. I'll show you how you can install this script quickly & easily, faster than you could ever imagine.

Video Time: 16 min 34 sec

2)This script is called 'Autoresponse Plus'. It is a very popular script among marketers who need to use mailing lists or autoresponders. Programmers are charging around $50 to get this script installed. You'll learn on how to set up MySQL database, integrating the script with the database, piping the email server, & setting up cron tasks.

Video Time: Part 1 (22 min 38 sec), Part 2 (5 min 27 sec), Part 3 (10 min 37 sec)

3) 'Clickbank Manager' lets you manage your affiliate program in conjunction with Clickbank. Tutorials include the setting up of MySQL database & integrating the script with the database.

Video Time: 21 min 34 sec

4) This script is called Gorundbreak's 'Membership Manager'. This script allows you to handle multiple membership areas at one time. Besides the normal installation procedures as those in the scripts above, you will also learn how to set up and upload a '.htaccess file'.

Video Time: 15 min 2 sec

5) This script is called 'Proanalyzer'.This script is one of the most populars Ad Tracking scripts among marketers. The installation is quite easy and straight forward. However, the installation takes a longer time than Adtrackz because you will need to integrate this script with MySQL database.

Video Time: Part 1 (14 min 54 sec), Part 2 (1 min 13 sec)

6) This script is called Groundbreak's 'Ultimate Affiliate'. It is a very popular affiliate management script among marketers who wants to run their own affiliate program. This script requires more work than the rest because it has a lot of features in it.

Video Time: Part 1 (6 min 40 sec), Part 2 (14 min 39 sec), Part 3 (23 min 50 sec), Part 4 (13 min 7 sec)

7) This script is called 'Ultimate Membership Manager'. It is quite a simple membership script for you to manage your membership area. A simple script with powerful features.

Video Time: Part 1 (15 min 39 sec), Part 2 (8 min 22 sec)


Exclusive Review By George Sepich

"If you're one of the many that worries about installing CGI Scripts, well this set of video is made just for you. You find out that using a basic text editor like Notepad is one of the simple tools that you can use to edit your CGI Scripts. If words like MySQL and CGI bin fill your mind with doubt, those days will soon be over. "Install CGI Scripts" takes you step by step through the various processes of modifying and installing CGI Scripts on your very own.

From installing membership scripts, to autoresponders, to ad tracking, once you watch these videos a few time, you'll gain a new found knowledge of what CGI is all about. You will soon have confidence in installing those scripts that you used to have to pay to have installed.

These fifteen videos are in easy to use flash format, so you can easily rewind and fast forward to the most important parts again and again. You probably won't be an expert watching them the first time through, but getting a good handle on what CGI is all about is definitely only a mouse click away with these complete videos."

George Sepich

Now think about it. If you're not watching these videos, it may take you many months before you can finally learn how to install CGI scripts. (Of course, depending on your present level of skills and knowledge)

What I've seen in general is that most newbies have no idea on how to do these technical stuff. I've seen a lot of similar help requests on many marketing forums, every single day.

Even with the help of those guys, they can only tell you how to do it on writing but you've still got to figure out how to do what you've been told!

Why spend the next weeks and months trying to figure out all of the steps it takes to get things going online -- when you can watch someone show youexactly how to take action and get your CGI scripts installed and running today?

With these videos, you'll be able to watch them directly from the computer screen itself!


The statements and examples on this website are not intended to represent or guarantee that everyone will achieve the same results. Each individual's success will be determined by his or her desire, dedication, marketing background, product, effort and motivation to work and follow the video tutorials. There is no guarantee you will duplicate the results stated here. You recognize any business endeavor has inherent risk for loss of capital.


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