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Home Workaholics - eBook and Audio
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  • Release Date - 2010
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Product Summary

You are reading this letter either because you are a workaholic or you know someone who might be so. Well, in that case you have hit this letter at the right time because workaholism is like a contagious disease and is not only fatal for you but also for those around you. Depression and stress related diseases are just some of the problems that hit those who are workaholics.

The advancement of modern insight Internet business has given birth to several home based business opportunities and more and people are increasingly joining the race of running their home businesses to earn a livelihood. This a wonderful opportunity to tap and bank upon however it has some disadvantages too and the biggest one being people tend to become, what we call these days - the home workaholics.

How to prevent boredom and stress and add fun to work:

In order to work and succeed, just earning money is not enough, you need to give enough attention to your health and spend some time with your loved ones to enjoy the bliss for which you are working so hard. Home based businesses are different from the usual office work. In office, over work to please the boss, get a promotion and get higher salaries become the carrots that allure you to become a workaholic. However, at home the case is different. You have the zeal to prove the world that your decision to take up a home based business line was right.

Those in home based business strive hard to get more clients, do more business and earn more money. The stress on them is a bit higher as there are no separate departments or lots of people to take care of things. Everything has to be done alone, and this creates undue pressure and slowly the person turns into a workaholic. However, at some time you need to draw a line or you may face serious consequences and won't be able to enjoy the pleasure of what you earn.

Everyday my mailbox is filled with mail from people telling me that they are suffering from the problem called 'workaholism' and they need a cure for it. Keeping in mind all sorts of problems that home based business people face, and the remedies that can help them stay stress-free, I have come up with an e-book called "Workaholics - The Modern Internet Business Insight".

It is highly important to strike a balance between work and fun coz it's a truth after all that we all know that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. But, here its not just dullness that you will be fighting from, but also stress and a wide variety of stress related diseases. To help you stay away from such problems and ensure that you lead a normal and healthy life, I propose a guide in the form of "Workaholics - The Modern Internet Business Insight".

The e-book has been specially designed to add fun and some breathing space in the life or workaholics. It helps you analyze what you get and what you lose from being so, and take the right decision before it's too late. Here is a glimpse of what you can expect to get:

A Peep into the "Workaholics - The Modern Internet Business Insight":

  • Know What Is Home Workaholic
  • Are You Home Workaholic?
  • What is Modern Internet Business?
  • How People Become Home Workaholics?
  • How Home Workaholism Effects Modern Internet Home Based Business?
  • Different Challenges For Home Workaholics
  • Know How To Overcome Home Workaholism
  • Determine what causes the stress
  • Take a break and relax your mind at times
  • Pamper and treat yourself after hard day at work
  • Make your workplace exciting
  • Follow the basic success steps of home based business
  • Conclusion

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