50 Two Minute Shortcuts (PLR)

50 Two Minute Shortcuts (PLR)
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  • Release Date - 2007
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Product Summary

Introducing 50 Quick, 2 Minute Shortcuts To Online Business Success

- It's good to dream - Most if not all marketers day-dream or even dream about their perfect business. When an income like this is going to change your whole life, and give you the feeling of self worth, achievement and the sense of fulfillment that it does, you want it bad, it’s only natural to think about it and imagine it. There's one instance when this will destroy your business prospects. Most have been doing it for years without even noticing. Avoid it at all costs, and prosper.

- Learn the secrets of quick-fast business progress. How do big names create and launch ten products, when it takes most others the same amount of time to release just one? It's easy when you know how, and I'm going to show you how I do this to tune of $100,000 profit months. (Hint: It's nothing to do with throwing masses of your hard earned cash at a product and hoping for the best, there's more to it than that).

- Why you have an advantage over all other marketers sitting where you are now, thinking what you're thinking now. Most marketers are down on their luck and confidence. There's one thing they don't know about themselves though that makes them special and gifted compared to 99% of the worlds population. Your confidence will improve massively when I show you what you have.

- The art of learning a new skill in mere hours. Go to school, go to college, go into job training, and you're sat in front of learning material for years. So how is it I can pick up almost any niche, or business technique, adapt it to my business and make a big bundle of cash in just days, before anyone else even knows it exists? It's easy when you know how, and I'll demonstrate this exact process.

- Learn four new methods to ensure fast results throughout all aspects of your online business. Let me ask you, when a friend of yours comes home from their full time job, what have they achieved? Probably paid a little bit of the rent and made someone else very rich. When most marketers start out on their business, that's exactly what they end up doing too, through no fault of their own, but out of habit. I'm going to show you how to kick that habit with a view to increasing your ability to make progress and see rules up to ten times faster than you currently do. (one months work in about three days, easy when you know how)

- It's not what you know, it's who you know. Ever heard that saying? It's the same in online marketing. How do you hook up with the big earners when they already have hundreds of other marketers queuing at their doorstep, trying to get ads to their lists and more? I'll show you how, and it might surprise you to find out you don't even have to have a list. You could be broke, struggling to pay the rent and still pull this off.

- 3 ways to be lazy and succeed. Who doesn't want to sit back and have everything done for them? While your marketing friend is sitting up at their computer for 16 hours a day, seven days a week, promising their wife and husband it'll pay off soon over and over, I'm sitting here relaxing, working under 20 hours per week on average and still making ten, twenty, even a hundred times what they do. I'm going to show you to be lazy and prosper (music to my ears that).

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