25 Most Haunted US Destinations

25 Most Haunted US Destinations
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Product Summary

I'm covering everything from things that go bump in the night to full out apparitions that have been officially documented and reported.

I'm not just covering haunted houses either, but I'm also filling you in on the most talked about haunted hotels, hospitals, sanitariums, asylums, prisons, ships, lighthouses, and more!

I will reveal some of the most talked about places that you can still visit and tour today...some even offering an overnight investigation with a bed and breakfast! Some that people love to visit and then some places that many people will not dare even go near!

I guarantee this will produce a vivid shock factor for you in your quest of the paranormal and its unknown world!

You name it I've got it in here! Don't just take my word for it...

Just look at what all this MONSTER 71 page ebook holds!

  • Relive the shocking tales of the Stranahan House where the suicide of Mr. Stranahan and the untimely death of a child took place!
  • Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in the presence of 51,000 ghosts? Take a trip to Gettysburg and find out first hand!
  • Find out why the Magnolia Lane Plantation is said to be cursed by the spirits of slaves who practiced voodoo and encounter the fear of the locals who won't even step foot on its grounds!
  • On the surface Robert the Doll looks like just another toy, but we will take a deeper look into this demonic present given to a boy that made his life a living hell!
  • One of the most famous haunting ever is the Bell Witch and we will go through all the spine tingling details of this nightmare a family endured for many years!
  • We will investigate the slayings of the Villisca Axe Murder House where the spirits of the family and the killer still roam and how you can stay overnight for a one-of-a-kind experience!
  • Alcatraz is still keeping ghosts at bay in its walls today with the spirit of Al Capone and dozens of others who endured horrific conditions and went mentally insane while incarcerated!
  • Bachelor's Grove Cemetery is said to be one of the most haunted places ever where the Lady in White still carries her baby in her arms!
  • The White House carries the spirits of many famous people including Abraham Lincoln. Find out when you can be sure to spot him!
  • Get the TRUE FACTS to the real Amityville Horror House and the tragic murders of 6 family members and a look inside the controversy of its claimed haunting!
  • The Pensacola Lighthouse has had many people try to clean the bloodstains off the floor in the keeper's quarters, but they all have failed. I will explain why and what actually happened!
  • Steven King's stay at The Stanley Hotel inspired him to create the movie "The Shining"...find out why room 217 had so much to do with it?
  • The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum housed many mentally ill patients including Ruthie, an elderly woman who's ghost is as vicious now as she was when she was alive!
  • Take a look in on the story of The Lizzie Borden House and the horrible murders that took place there; trapping spirits for eternity!
  • As I said before, when it comes to hauntings I'm going over all the top houses, hospitals, prisons, ships, lighthouses, and hotels. If it's haunted, it's here!

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