Coping With Stress [Videos & eBook]

Coping With Stress [Videos & eBook]
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Product Summary

Learning how to cope with stress in a healthy manner is one of the best ways towards becoming the person that you want to be.

Coping with stress can be one of the biggest challenges that any of us face in adulthood. It can be very difficult for us to learn how to manage each little piece of our life and unify them so that they flow in a natural and comfortable way. Stress management has become something that we need to use as a survival mechanism. When it comes to the pressures of daily life, it can easily become overwhelming. We have so many responsibilities and things to remember that stress seems to become just a second nature to most of us...

Fortunately, stress is not a new phenomenon. While the demands of daily living have changed, the fact is that humans have been combating stress and utilizing it for their survival for centuries. The methods that humans have come up with over the years to cope with stress are vast and numerous, but one thing is for certain. These are tried and true methods that manage to get the job done. If you are stressed out, you can train yourselves to function despite it just like our ancestors did so many years ago.

One of the most important things you can do to reduce stress is to learn how to redirect your thoughts and feelings. When you find yourself getting overwhelmed by the triggering situations that you can face in day to day life, redirection is crucial in maintaining your peace of mind. And it is something that everyone can do. To begin, you have to become mindful of the things that you are allowing yourself to think.

Many of us have an issue with rumination. We are often prone to fixating on negative thoughts and emotions over positive thoughts and feelings. We read too deeply into negative events and are easily consumed and overwhelmed by them. While it can be beneficial to spend a healthy amount of time reflecting on our lives, there is a slippery slope that can be difficult to get out of once we are there. We can take power away from ourselves by only considering the negative side of the coin and not allowing ourselves a break to think of positive things that can help us find solutions...

What You'll Learn
  • Introduction - All About Stress
  • Different Ways Of Looking At Stress
  • The Difference Between Assertive And Aggressive
  • Redirecting Your Thoughts And Feelings
  • Taking Care Of Your Body
  • Identifying Your Bad Habits
  • Difference Between Stress And Chronic Depression
  • Avoiding Toxic People And Behaviors
  • Learning When To Ask For Help
  • Building A Support Network
  • Creating The Lifestyle Of Your Dreams
  • Having Patience And Forgiveness For Yourself
  • Overcoming The Negativity Bias
  • The Power Of Thinking Positively
  • And Much More!


Product Summary - Videos

It is possible to escape the trials and tribulations of a stressful life.

Once you have achieved the ability to identify your negative thoughts and feelings, you can begin to redirect them to other, more positive things. It can feel a little bit challenging at first. Especially if you aren't used to trying to change your train of thought. However, it is very possible to go from stressful, negative thinking to positive, productive thinking with just a little bit of practice and time. Taking time out of your day to really stop and reflect on the events that have occurred and how you have handled them, being honest with yourself about whether or not you responded with an appropriate emotion that you can be proud of or if you have reactions that could use some work...

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed then try to remember to take a time out and breathe. Don't let these emotions overwhelm you. You are stronger than they are and you will always have the capacity to learn from reflection. Once you have managed to identify when you are having an emotional reaction to something, it will be that much easier to put into practice the strategy of redirecting your attention to better things. It will help to have an arsenal at hand already of events and things that are the opposite of stressful. Think about things that make you happy and memories that make you laugh and smile.

This is one of the truest ways to maintaining a stress free life. Focus on your goals and meet challenges optimistically. Consider all of the times you were able to follow through on a goal and do something worthwhile, something you were proud of. Remember your successes and allow them to build up your confidence. When you are stressing out about failure, remember you are not always failing at everything. In fact, there are plenty of things you have done well and you will do well again, even if this particular situation is taking longer than usual for you to do well with...

Get these 12 exclusive, step-by-step video tutorials that'll show you how you can help yourself avoid the pitfalls of stress and more easily achieve your dreams.


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